Thursday, February 4, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things..

i'm all about becoming more real & open on my blog. and why not i ask you?!
SO - randomly, a few of my favorite things will start to pop up for your viewing pleasure. life is so much about living to the fullest isnt it? how much better than to find complete joy in the small things!

1. WHOLE FOODS. i first discovered whole foods last october in LA and was lost in the array of it all. Now mind you, i detest grocery shopping so for ME to love a grocery store is quite unheard of--it must be pretty amazing. and it is. i'm meant to be a fine woman.

2. PEDI EGG. what would i do without you? my feet are disgust- i am not shy to admit. the egg has been a lifesaver for me. if you don't have one, just spend the $10 and get one-it's super worth it. AND they even come in pink now. yippee! :)

3. COUPONS! okay this seems like i have reached the ultimate of motherhood-i am coupon-ing. next i will own a mini-van [:o] ! but seriously, it gives me a tad bit of a high when i scored a great deal! Plus, i'm hooked on this site by a gal named collen who gives you the best coupon advice and deals. Check out her latest video craze here -seriously she is a hoot!

4. THE MIDDLE. ah, this new show on abc has me in stitches every time! have you viewed? the young boy is strange & the mom is spazzy. this gal can't get enough. Check it out here.

so tell me what are your favorite things lately? take joy in them-share the love! :)



  1. regarding couponing, have you checked out i've been doing it since last may and love it! we've saved so much money.

  2. AUGh, I just typed my whole comment and went to submit and lost it, I dont like when that happens ;)
    Okay let me try this again. I loved your idea of posting your favorites!! I so think I might so thi, even though I have to think of mine, lol ;) k, question for you.... Do you know what is up with the lemons in that coupon lady's videos? She cracks me up, I so love to watch them!! She has some really great tips, thank you so much for sharing!!! Oh I so love my ped egg too, its a heal saver ;p..... Can't wait to see your next favs!!