Thursday, February 18, 2010

DIY day 2:: bridesmaid button hairpin

Oh my gosh, you bum hurts. After a beautiful morning talking and laughing with my friend Angela from napdesign, it feels like I have been sitting all day! By 4pm I had to move around so the kids and I walked around walmart looking for good deals. It was worth it-because of my amazing coupon lady over at hip2save, I got a game for 24cents. Yep, that's right - cuz that's just how I roll...also, scored some miley shirts for $1! fantabulous!
Anyways, I have been sitting so much because I'm working on amazing things that I can't reveal now but just trust me-they are amazing. But seriously, can I get a shout out from fellow work-at-home readers? A lot of our time is in front of the computer-valid work just not good on the bum!
[does anyone even read this...?]
enough rattling-you just want the goods right? Here is todays DIY wedding project::

Bridemaid Button Hairpin
I have to tell you that I fell in love with this project and guess what? It's super easy. Seriously-can anything be better?... maybe spring but this is close!
1. go on a hunt for button awesomeness. look at fabric stores, secondhand shops, Grandma's sewing basket...Look for one-of-a kind button that reflect your bridesmaids personalities. try to find buttons under 1 inch in diameter and fairly lightweight to keep the hairpins comfy to wear.
2. place waxed paper on your surface to protect from hot glue gun spills.
3. insert glue in glue gun, heat it up
4. examine buttons to make sure there is a flat surface on the back so that they attach to the hairpin. use wire cutters if you need to cut off anything attached to the back and a file to smooth it out.
5. glue the hairpin to the back of the button. hold them together for a few seconds until the glue hardens. there will most likely be excess glue on the back of the button but wait to scrap that off with a craft knife or scissors once the glue has completely dried.

That's IT! Isn't that super easy!? I'm going to try this with my girls' just for fun! Let me know if you do too and how it worked out. :)

Also, I must give a shout out:all my fab DIY ideas are coming from Khris Cochran from the DIY Bride Crafty Countdown.


  1. These are beautiful Lizzie!! Love them! So creative and personal... :)

  2. That is an amazing idea. I am so going to have to try that!!! We heart hair accessorys!!!


  3. I know cristi! Let me know if you give it a whirl!

  4. these are adorable! wish i had a glue gun! i have a whole box full of lonely buttons!