Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's valentines week!
For some valentines day is just not that big of a deal and they would much rather ignore the day altogether. For others, they wait for it and have their entire home decked in red glory. Hearts are what they dream of and pink is what they adorn themselves in.
I am somewhat in the middle. I think it's a fun day to celebrate love and I do have my choice heart decor. My fav is my salt&pepper shaker heart set. It's really way too cute.
This year, hubby asked me what I want to do and truthfully, I said from my heart-nothing! I'm serious dear internet-I am content with a nice trip to the coffee shop and ordering our fav drinks. Why do we have to celebrate our love on just one particular day? Also, my mind has been absorbed in my three nieces who I have while my sis & her hubby are basking in the rays down in mexico. I'm planning pink parties and girly movies with popcorn and hot cocoa and not thinking about the precious heart day.
Rob & I have had some beautiful valentines days in the past.
When we were dating he took me to Les Misrables and bought me a new dress to wear. Several years ago he surprised me with a whole day of pampering at a salon. This year I am content with coffee.. :) Tell me my friends, what have your fav memories been and what are your current plans? Will you bask in valentines glory this year or cuddle on the couch watching your favorite movie?
A valentines post is not complete without some most fabulous valentine inspiration so here's some eye candy for your enjoyment! :)

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