Monday, February 28, 2011

changed for the better.

There are people in your life that change you.
I am blessed to have a wonderful selection of friends and family that are those people to me, but today I want to write about two people that have had a huge impact on me.
as a person.
as a mother.
as a wife....
Anyone who has had the privilege of meeting these two people are nodding right now. They are amazing.
and real.
They don't pretend to be anything less than who they are.
They are passionate about God and it's evident in their day to day. Don't just give me words but show me.
They show me every day.
For the past 6 1/2 years I have been working part time as their administrative assistant. When they asked me to come on as the churches' admin, I laughed a little and told them I have no experience. They said to me "You don't, but you have the personality and the knowledge of the ministry {growing up in a missionary home}. I knew it was too good of an opportunity to pass up and boy, was I right. It's hard to put into mere words how much I have learned from watching their example, how many times I am faced with a problem and I literally think "what would Pastor Paul do?" & how much love I carry for these two people.
It just cannot be expressed.
But I'll try. Because somehow I feel like I need to pen this, as if it's part of me closing the chapter of this book. Because today? Today was my last day as their admin.
I felt it about a year ago. My business was picking up, and my heart wasn't in the job like it once had been. Did I love being there? oh, gosh-of course. But I knew my time was drawing to a close. It was just getting too hard to juggle it all and quite frankly, I didn't feel like it was fair on them. I want them to have the very best in their staff.
So, when we got an offer on our home, I knew the time had come.
I knew it was time to open my next chapter.
In a way it's so exciting to open up a new chapter to your story, and follow your deepest passions. But I think as humans, sometimes we get scared. We don't want to open up that chapter. We don't want to see what's inside. Because we're comfortable. We're safe.
But I can't not open that chapter. Because I know beautiful things will fly off the pages. I know there is an explosion of so much more that God has for me.
And I'm grateful. Grateful for the years I had with them to glean, to fly. If it wasn't for them and how the Lord used them in my life, I know beyond a shadow of doubt I wouldn't be where I am today.
So - Paul&Dana,
Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be such a huge part of your lives. Thank you for trusting me and believing in me. Paul, I will hugely miss our daily talks about life, about God, and even about Survivor. You have become a second father to me and I am forever grateful for those moments.
So, while I may cry today about leaving something so close to my heart, I expand my arms towards what is ahead. I am excited about the new opportunity's that lie in my horizon.

Much Love,

Sometimes you just need to step out of the boat.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

light + joy.

There is something about seeing a newly engaged bride-to-be that makes me silly-giddy. Her eyes are bright, and her smile wide. She carries herself with such joy, and excitement spills from her mouth as she talks.
I love meeting new brides. They are simply put:lovely.
Mai and I had the amazing privilege of being a part of the Independent Wedding Associations' Bridal Fair earlier this month at the gorgeous Campus Club. I love these fairs because not only am I surrounded by amazing and like-minded vendors, but I get to meet so many fabulous bride to be's!
Here's some pictures from the sweet Sarah Mcgee. It was so nice of her to take our photos. Thank you, Sarah!
Happily talking to couples. They are so joyful. :)
All the participants at the fair! Great group!

Much Love,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's all in the details, baby.

oh, details.
you draw me in like I am drawn to the beach on a summer day.
you are full of delight in every aspect.

looking for some fun details for your wedding?
these drew me in and had to post a few fabulous delights to you lovelies this foggy winter day.
having an outside wedding? rent a fabulous ice cream truck! a serious crowd pleaser. look at this! i'm drooling with delight.

cause a girl can never have too many hanging flowers.

have a beautiful weekend, darlings!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

it didn't go un-noticed.

One of my specific highlights of twenty-ten was to work alongside my intern, Mai. I loved how we jived together and how, as time progressed, she started to read me so well, she knew what I needed before I said a word.
It didn't go un-noticed.
I loved how we could talk very openly and candidly about our faith, our relationships, and our passions.
I loved how she would scale up trees and hang from ladders in a heart-beat. She never complained but always had a smile-even in the high stress moments.
It didn't go un-noticed.
I saw the potential in Mai from the second we met and still see it, and that is why for the twenty-eleven year, I asked her if she would consider staying on this ride with me and become my assistant.
To my excitement-she said yes. :)

Mai, thank you. thank you. thank you.
I'm so grateful you are on this journey with me. Here's to many more amazing weddings and laughs.
Meet Mai...
I have to admit, this is a normal stance for us::me saying something random, and Mai laughing at my random-ness. :)
So, twenty-eleven brides:: you will be seeing Mai at most weddings! We are still looking for an intern as Mai wants to hone in on more of the one-on-one aspects of coordinating which I am all for!
When you have a gem, you hold on tight.

stay warm my friends!

*a HUGE THANK YOU to Angela Napiwocki for the above pictures*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a fair of a different kind.

There are some things in life that are worth taking the time to invest in, and honestly this is one.
If you are a bride or groom, don't miss out on this opportunity to meet the best of the best at a non-intrusive wedding fair hosted by the Independent Wedding Association this Saturday at the Campus Club.
This fair is full of vendors who are hand selected from the twin cities and our aim is to help you plan the wedding your heart dreams of. For the first time ever we are hosting a series of wedding mini-courses to help you plan your wedding smarter, better, and more beautifully.
You don't want to miss out on this.
Come out-come out! I so want to meet you.

xo, elizabeth

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

inspiration boards.

I have to say: I love inspiration boards. There's something about seeing what you want in your wedding, on paper, that makes it magically come together.
in one beautiful moment.
To me, inspiration boards are a key element when creating the theme and feel for your wedding. When you don't have that to turn to down the road of planning, it's easier to get 'lost'. Having the board keeps your inspiration in one place so you can stay on that road of design.
Inspiration boards are something I have recently added for clients that need help with a design concept. While we get to know one another, I am jotting down notes about what they are talking about, what they are drawn to, & what they love. From that meeting, I go home and put together a board unique to them and what they want for their wedding. Sometimes I add elements to the board that maybe they didn't mention, but I could see them loving. I tie in details that they have not thought of, and pull out details that they have that tie into many different elements for the day.
Since it's so fun for me I wanted to share with you a board that I recently put together for a client. Their theme is peacock which is hot and very fun right now. She is having a button bouquet {which I am SO excited about-I have a button fetish as of late!} so I thought it would be a fun element to bring those buttons into other details throughout the day such as the escort cards and the table numbers.
I continued with their peacock element by furthering adding more specific details in the day on elements such as plates, cake toppers and invitations.
I also played up the peacock color by adding fun throw pillows or even a shawl.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into my creative side. :)

Happy Tuesday!
xo, Elizabeth