Saturday, February 27, 2010

what's in my bag?

I saw this super cute post on several blogs I follow and how can I not follow the trend? It just can't be done! :)
Below is an explanation of what's in my bag so you can get to know me a bit better. :)

1. my purse... finally converted from the boho bag out of complete annoyance at never being able to find anything. It was way annoyance! I got this cute leather at kohl's and really love it-it feels sheik.
2. wallet.... love my wilson leather wallet that I've owned for at least 3 years. I do desire a pop of color though-wish it was red.
3. check book... I know, I know. My friends laugh at me because I still use a check book. I mean hello! are we not in the 20th century?! I get it. :) The reason I carry around a check book is because we don't use credit or debit cards. We went through financial peace university with Dave Ramsey and it changed our lives. No more credit=No more debt. So, in the chance I don't have cash, I like to have a back-up and the check book is just that.
4. phone... I have a razor right now but by next week I will be the proud owner of an iphone! eek! [this is me doing a dance of excitement!] I've been waiting for my verizon contract to expire for over a year-so pretty stoked.
6. [whoops! skipped 5! :)] keys... I have way to many keys on my keychain! Honestly, I don't have a clue as to where half of them go!! You know how you do something or have something and don't even think of it? For years I have had a wad of keys and not given it a second thought. A couple months ago my pastor borrowed my church key and commented on my wad of keys-at that moment my eyes were opened and I thought "what do all these even do?!" and have wanted to be rid of my wad since. My worry is that one day I will discover and need a mysterious key and have pitched it so my wad follows me around .... will I be 80 and still own this many keys?
7. business card holder... so convenient. I love my card holder. 'nough said.
8. organic wear lip gloss... I heart my lip gloss. It's super moist and adds just a glean of sheen which is what I love! Plus, I got it free from buying blush! What could be better?! ;D
9. victorias secret eye shadow... when you need a touch of glimmer vickey's beauty rush is the best thing ever! I have twinkled pink because you know I twinkle!
10. lotion... if you live in the north you be crazy not to have you some lotion close by! I have gold bond ultimate-cuz that's just how I roll.
11. gum... currently orbitz invades my purse but that's just because I got a super sale from my coupon love. While I love orbitz, I prefer the bubble gum flavor. It invades my senses.

What's in your purse friends?! Oh, do share! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DIY day 7::photo booth

Are you sad to wrap up the DIY week? Let me know which diy you enjoyed the most!
I am wrapping it up with a hot one though! Photo booths are popular this season-everyone wants one but not everyone can afford to rent one! Well, our fab diy solves this problem.

Photo Booth
you will need:
- flat bed sheet, twin size or larger, depending on your space.
- crop a tile tool [okay, not going to lie-i have no idea what a crap-a-what?--is!] or a hole punch [oh good, an alternative!]
- removable adhesive hooks, about 4-8, found at craft or hardware stores.
-picture frame about 16inX20in
- chalkboard paint
- digi camera with tripod
- photo printer
- scrapbook with blank pages
- fine point permanent marker
- double sided tape
1. set up your backdrop. make it accessible to guests but out of the way of foot traffic. the back drop should be without windows on a plain wall. You will punch holes along the top of the sheet, about 1in from the top and 2in apart. use these holes as placement guide for when you attach the adhesive hooks to the wall.
2. hang the hooks to the wall and hang the sheet on the hooks. you will want the top of the sheet to hang high, at least 7 in from the ground. that way you won't see the top-edge of the background behind any taller guests' heads.
3. on a nearby table close to an outlet, set up your camera, printer, and the scrapbook.
4. for the photo frame chalkboard, remove the glass or plastic backing form a photo frame. spray it with 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint, and let it dry for at least 24 hours. reinsert the glass or plastic, add some cardboard for backing and you have a message worthy chalkboard for your guests to write silly notes on that will be seen while they take their pictures.
5. recruit a couple people to monitor. this will help keep from printing up wasteful shots. print up the pictures, attach them in the scrapbook and have the guests write a note beside their photos.

-not all venues will have you hang things from the wall. ask before to get the all clear. If you can't, look for a corner and have the walls be the back drop. however, most white walls are too harsh.
-add props to bring out the fun in your guests! father boas, party hats, fun little couches and chairs add great character.
- light the photo booth area well and keep away from doors and windows.
- if you are having an outside reception think about drawing a clothes ling and draping sheets over it for your backdrops. I've seen this done and it's very fun.
Think outside the box and let your imagination go!

Monday, February 22, 2010

diy day 6:: floral centerpiece

Happy Monday, friends! It's been a ridiculously busy day but a happy one. I'm currently sunk into my couch with a cookie..a nice way to end a day, hey?! :)
Well, what are we doing today? How about a centerpiece?!

Flower & Citrus Centerpiece
you will need:
-clear square or rectangular vase [one word:ikea!]
-floral foam, 1-2 blocks, soaked in water for at least a few hours
-flowers of your choice, 1-2 dozen
-limes, about 10
1. measure the inside of the vase and cut the foam block so that it is 1in. smaller than the length of the vase and about half of the height. soak the foam in water for at least a few hours.
2. once the foam is hydrated, let is drain for a few minutes in a sink to remove excess water. You want the foam moist but not so wet that it will create puddles of water on your work surface.
3. while the foam is draining, prepare your flowers. cut the stems at a 45degree angle about 1 in shorter than the height of the vase.
4. place the foam in the bottom of your container. center it. insert the flowers directly into the foam. fill the vase with about two-thirds of the flowers.
5. grab the limes and cut them into 1/4in. slices, discarding the ends. Begin adding lime slices between the floral foam and the sides of the vase. layer the limes for a mosaic effect, making sure the flat sides of the lime slices face the glass. finish adding the flowers.
6. once the flowers are in place, fill the container with 3/4 in of water. add any remaining lime slices to fill the vase. the water, flowers, and foam should keep the lime slices in place.

-this is a day of project. you can however, slice the limes a day in advance & keep in the fridge.
-try finding limes at your local farmers market-they are usually cheaper & larger.
-other fruits can be used for this-it doesn't have to be limes. you can use oranges, grapefruit, uncut grapes, celery, bell peppers, or asparagus -- be creative!
-i would recommend trying this and any diy project before the event to practice on!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

DIY day 5:the new candy buffet:::popcorn!

Seriously, whenever I make popcorn anywhere people just come flocking! It's super cool how it brings people together. That's why I picked this next DIY for you to consider. It's a fun alternative to the candy buffet and is bound to be just as popular.

Gourmet Popcorn Buffet
you will need:
- tin containers, one for each kind of popcorn
- popcorn, about 5 cups per tin
- paper for decorating
- double sided tape
-small paper bags with inner plastic lining, found at party supply stores and craft stores in the food and candy making aisle.
- white card stock
- a printer
1. clean those containers thoroughly that you are placing the popcorn in!
2. decorate the popcorn bags! imagination can go wild here but here is a basic design: cut strips of patterned paper 1 1/2 in high, making sure the width spans that of the bag.
3. apply double sided tape to the back of the patterned paper strips and apply them to the front of the bags, midway from front to top.
4. make labels for the popcorn tins. make a document on the computer that is an appropriate size to fit your tins. Print the labels on white card stock and cut them out.
5. cut pieces of patterned paper 1/2 in larger in length and width than the popcorn labels you printed. place strips of double sided tape on the back of the flavor labels and attach them to the pieces of patterned paper. use tape to attach the new labels to the popcorn tins.
6. I would suggest homemade popcorn. It's so much more delicious than store bought. Whatever kind of popcorn you make be sure to seal it in a tight plastic bag until it's ready to use. Your popcorn will stay fresh this way a couple days in advance.
7. Make sure you have a designated person filling the popcorn tins at the reception [hmmm...a wedding coordinator fills this job! :)] and provide scoops for each tin. No one wants dirty hands in their popcorn!

-to make an extra bang on your popcorn buffet, I would make popcorn balls as well. wouldn't that be fun?! :)
-if you choose to make your popcorn, it's best to not use real butter or margarine-it will make it wet and soggy. try dry butter flavored seasonings instead.
- for extra flavor, set out shakers of extra seasonings for guests to create their own signature flavors. try fun combos like cinnamon-sugar, chipotle-cilantro, and parmesan-garlic.

Have fun with this! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

DIY day 4::carnation pomander

This DIY project is my favorite one. It seems easy and is beautiful. I like it so much I'm going to try it out on decor for my church's marriage retreat this year that I'm designing&planning. :)

Carnation Pomander
Carnations have a bad rep. I am amongst those that turn up my nose at the carnation flower. It just looks like such a filler & not beautiful in it's form. However, after viewing this project I have changed my mind. Perhaps every flower is beautiful in their own distinct way. Some you have to pull on to bring out it's full beauty, others you don't have to touch and they radiate on their own.
When thinking about this pomander, remember you can use it to hang with a ribbon from the reception ceiling or you can make small versions for your flower girls to carry or hang from the back of chairs. Also, if your ceremony is outside how about hanging them on shepherds hooks as aisle markers?
You will need:
-Floral foam block, 3 in by 4in by 9 in. or topiary ball, 10 in. to 18 in. in circumference
-Large bucket of water to soak floral ball in and hydrate flowers.
-Carnations 24-30 medium blooms for 10-in foam balls:36 large for 18 in. balls
-Floral sheers
-Floral pins

1. soak the floral foam ball in water for a few hours-about 2 hours.
2. while the ball is soaking, start prepping your flowers. this can take longer than you might think! first take a handful of flowers and cut their stems at a 45degree angle about 21/2 in. to 3 in. from the bottom of the bloom. remove any thorns or leaves. place the flowers in water while you trim the stems of the next bunch of flowers, so that all the buds stay hydrated and fresh while you work.
3. once the foam ball is hydrated, create a hanger for the pomander. the easiest way to do this is to cut a length of ribbon, about 10 in for a 10 inch ball. fold it in half to make a 5 in. loop. secure the ends of the loop with floral pins onto the top of the pomander.
4. starting on the top of the ball beside the ribbon hanger, insert flower stems directly into the foam, all the way down to the bloom. Move in a left to right pattern, from top to bottom.
5. while you continue to place the flowers, make sure they are evenly getting placed on the ball. if one section starts to look sparse or crowded, it's best to make adjustments early on in the process. continue until it is fully covered with blooms and your done!

helpful hints:
-this project is a night before or day-of project so make sure you have a helper. each one will take about an hour.
-broken flower stem? don't discard! stick a toothpick into the head to create a makeshift stem.
-buy your flowers 2 days in advance so that they are fully bloomed.

Thanks again DIY Bride!

Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY project day 3::stamped cocktail napkin

I have super busy day in front of me so getting this to you at the break of a new day. :) And guess what? I hear the birds chirping! Is spring going to appear soon, friends? Oh, my heart longs for it!
Today we have an awesome project for your reception.

Stamped Cocktail Napkin
Time to spice your napkins at only 20cents a piece you just can't go wrong! [extra tip:scour the clearance sections at target/walmart for the napkins you will use to stamp. I see clearance napkins all the time. Or another thought-look at Ikea!]
You will need: napkins, rubber stamps, pigment [very important to use pigment as it won't bleed or smudge your guests' fingers or faces] ink pad, ruler
1. protect your workspace. ink spills are no fun.
2. place a napkin down and gently tap your stamp on the surface of the ink pad to ink it up. tapping will help disperse ink evenly over the stamp surface. too much ink will create smudges or pools of ink on the napkin.
3. place the inked stamp firmly on the napkin than lift it straight up. don't rock the stamp back and forth-that will cause it to smudge. I would suggest you try a few practice runs on scrap paper to get the hang of it.
4. set the napkin aside to dry and you are done!

Wow-the simplicity of this project is astounding!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

DIY day 2:: bridesmaid button hairpin

Oh my gosh, you bum hurts. After a beautiful morning talking and laughing with my friend Angela from napdesign, it feels like I have been sitting all day! By 4pm I had to move around so the kids and I walked around walmart looking for good deals. It was worth it-because of my amazing coupon lady over at hip2save, I got a game for 24cents. Yep, that's right - cuz that's just how I roll...also, scored some miley shirts for $1! fantabulous!
Anyways, I have been sitting so much because I'm working on amazing things that I can't reveal now but just trust me-they are amazing. But seriously, can I get a shout out from fellow work-at-home readers? A lot of our time is in front of the computer-valid work just not good on the bum!
[does anyone even read this...?]
enough rattling-you just want the goods right? Here is todays DIY wedding project::

Bridemaid Button Hairpin
I have to tell you that I fell in love with this project and guess what? It's super easy. Seriously-can anything be better?... maybe spring but this is close!
1. go on a hunt for button awesomeness. look at fabric stores, secondhand shops, Grandma's sewing basket...Look for one-of-a kind button that reflect your bridesmaids personalities. try to find buttons under 1 inch in diameter and fairly lightweight to keep the hairpins comfy to wear.
2. place waxed paper on your surface to protect from hot glue gun spills.
3. insert glue in glue gun, heat it up
4. examine buttons to make sure there is a flat surface on the back so that they attach to the hairpin. use wire cutters if you need to cut off anything attached to the back and a file to smooth it out.
5. glue the hairpin to the back of the button. hold them together for a few seconds until the glue hardens. there will most likely be excess glue on the back of the button but wait to scrap that off with a craft knife or scissors once the glue has completely dried.

That's IT! Isn't that super easy!? I'm going to try this with my girls' just for fun! Let me know if you do too and how it worked out. :)

Also, I must give a shout out:all my fab DIY ideas are coming from Khris Cochran from the DIY Bride Crafty Countdown.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DIY bride-a-licious::flower girl baskets

Everyone is clamoring on the do it yourself bandwagon. . . and why not? It's fun, creative and [our fav] cheap! When your on a tight wedding budget, the cheaper the better! :)
In honor of the ever famous DIY, I will start blogging my favorites DIY projects for the next week...every day! Yay!
And guess what? It starts right now! ;D

So, today we are basking in flower girl love. I have never seen this done before and am seriously lovin' it and wishin' I read this last summer when my molly was in my sister's wedding! Yes, it's that cute [drool, drool].

Lace Flower Girl's Basket's
1. find neglected doilies in grandma's china cabinet
2. buy liquid fabric stiffener
3. cover an upside down bowl with a layer of aluminum foil.
4. spread out newspaper on a table & pour liquid fabric stiffener over you doily. saturate entire doily.
5. place the wet doily on top of the foil covered bowl. smooth out any wrinkles.
6. let the doily dry overnight on the overturned bowl
7. remove the dry doily from the bowl. sometimes the foil will stick to the fabric a bit. Don't worry about it. any bits of foil will pull off pretty easily.
8. you should now have a perfect bowl shaped basket! your last step is to cut a length of ribbon for a handle and tie each end to the basket. make sure that you can hold the basket by the handle and that it stays level. about 12 in. of ribbon should be sufficient, depending on how big your basket is. NOTE: be sure to test the ribbon before you start to make sure it fits through the doilies hole.
9. on the big day [yay! :)], fill the basket with petals-your flower girl will love and best part:it's practically free.
now go::make your doily basket and be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what I have up my sleeve!

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy valentines day!

It's a day late, I know. Don't judge. :)

Hope you day was happy-share with me your amazingly romantic stories! you know you want to!

Love, Elizabeth&Rob

Friday, February 12, 2010

desire new photos at a great rate?

My dear friend, Suwanee is coming to Eau Claire! Here's a perfect opportunity to snatch her up for some desired pictures whether it be family, senior, couples-she's up to it all! :) Contact her today at:

yes, this is my beautiful molly sue. feel free to gush. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's valentines week!
For some valentines day is just not that big of a deal and they would much rather ignore the day altogether. For others, they wait for it and have their entire home decked in red glory. Hearts are what they dream of and pink is what they adorn themselves in.
I am somewhat in the middle. I think it's a fun day to celebrate love and I do have my choice heart decor. My fav is my salt&pepper shaker heart set. It's really way too cute.
This year, hubby asked me what I want to do and truthfully, I said from my heart-nothing! I'm serious dear internet-I am content with a nice trip to the coffee shop and ordering our fav drinks. Why do we have to celebrate our love on just one particular day? Also, my mind has been absorbed in my three nieces who I have while my sis & her hubby are basking in the rays down in mexico. I'm planning pink parties and girly movies with popcorn and hot cocoa and not thinking about the precious heart day.
Rob & I have had some beautiful valentines days in the past.
When we were dating he took me to Les Misrables and bought me a new dress to wear. Several years ago he surprised me with a whole day of pampering at a salon. This year I am content with coffee.. :) Tell me my friends, what have your fav memories been and what are your current plans? Will you bask in valentines glory this year or cuddle on the couch watching your favorite movie?
A valentines post is not complete without some most fabulous valentine inspiration so here's some eye candy for your enjoyment! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things..

i'm all about becoming more real & open on my blog. and why not i ask you?!
SO - randomly, a few of my favorite things will start to pop up for your viewing pleasure. life is so much about living to the fullest isnt it? how much better than to find complete joy in the small things!

1. WHOLE FOODS. i first discovered whole foods last october in LA and was lost in the array of it all. Now mind you, i detest grocery shopping so for ME to love a grocery store is quite unheard of--it must be pretty amazing. and it is. i'm meant to be a fine woman.

2. PEDI EGG. what would i do without you? my feet are disgust- i am not shy to admit. the egg has been a lifesaver for me. if you don't have one, just spend the $10 and get one-it's super worth it. AND they even come in pink now. yippee! :)

3. COUPONS! okay this seems like i have reached the ultimate of motherhood-i am coupon-ing. next i will own a mini-van [:o] ! but seriously, it gives me a tad bit of a high when i scored a great deal! Plus, i'm hooked on this site by a gal named collen who gives you the best coupon advice and deals. Check out her latest video craze here -seriously she is a hoot!

4. THE MIDDLE. ah, this new show on abc has me in stitches every time! have you viewed? the young boy is strange & the mom is spazzy. this gal can't get enough. Check it out here.

so tell me what are your favorite things lately? take joy in them-share the love! :)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Bride's Choice Award...

WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, just announced Elizabeth Anne Weddings has been selected to receive the WeddingWire 2010 Bride’s Choice Awards™ for wedding coordination/planning!

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Elizabeth Anne Weddings is among the top five percent of all vendors in the WeddingWire community, which includes over 100,000 wedding professionals across the US and Canada. Awards were given to winners across 19 different service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers.

“We are excited to recognize and honor the success of the top wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Community” said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “The annual Bride’s Choice Awards program has given us the unique opportunity to highlight the best wedding professionals in each region as reviewed by brides and grooms who have utilized their services in the past year.”

Elizabeth Anne Weddings is among the very best wedding coordinator within the WeddingWire Network, which includes WeddingWire and Martha Stewart Weddings. Thank you to our past newlyweds for nominating us for the 2010 Bride’s Choice Awards! :)

For more information, please visit our WeddingWire Storefront today at

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