Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my thoughts...

I used to have this fantasy of how it would be when I fell in love and got married. He would be much like Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables--saving me from sinking boats, slightly touching my hairs and calling me a cute nickname that only he has for me. He would also have traits much like "the captain" in The Sound of Music. It would be normal to break into song when our love was confessed for one another. Yes, I lived in a fantasy world--but really, doesn't every young girl?We all want the same thing. We want to be loved by the man of our dreams. We want our quirky traits to be looked at with endearing eyes as love spills out of our beau's eyes. When I married Rob, none of these fantasies had been there as my young mind dreamt of. Yes, I was disappointed but older and wiser, knowing that life wasn't a fantasy world and sometimes, it was just .. life.
Something has changed over the years though. I've come to realize that every story is beautiful because it's your story. You & your spouse [fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend] make it what it is:yours. Together you have created a world full of beauty. A mystery at what lies ahead and dreams of what are yet to come.
We may not be Anne & Gilbert but we do have this in common-we will have a happy ending just as they did. I know this because it doesn't matter how you got there-you have each other and really, that's what is the most important.

Rob & I last year. He has truly become my Gilbert.

This post inspired by Scott & Jane Strong as they celebrate their 14th anniversary today. Happy anniversary guys. May you bask in your unique story as you trickle through the cascading snow and reminisce on your journey past and future. God has a beautiful story yet to unfold in your lives. It's only just begun.

Friday, December 25, 2009

and the winner is...

.....Congrats to Heather & Phil who won the day-of coordination! Sadly, no submissions for the video montage [yes, I know-WHAT?!] but I am thrilled for this well-deserving couple and excited for their wedding in June!
Thank you for the submissions!
As we wrap up a beautiful, peaceful day let me say once again, Merry Christmas! My day was filled with family and joy. I just love basking in God's grace and love this time of year and I hope you too, have also.
Many warm hugs this eve..xo//

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Elizabeth Anne Weddings will be blessing two fantastic couples with two HUGE Christmas gifts this year!

We are giving away:
1. a wedding photo montage video [$300 value]
2.GRAND PRIZE: a day-of wedding planning service [$600 value]
Both of these prizes are absolutely-FREE!!
In order to win one of these great gifts, submit a blurb to us explaining why you think we should pick you for one of these fantastic prizes.

Perhaps you are in desperate need of help for your wedding but cannot afford a planner-or desire a personal, unique wedding video photo montage to play at your wedding-this gift is for you!

Please include why you deserve this in an email submitted no later than this Thursday 12/24 by 3pm. The video montage winner will be announced at 9pm on Christmas Eve and our grand prize winner will be announced at 10am on Christmas day!

Rules: You must already be our facebook fan, you must be located near the metro/Eau Claire area for the coordinator services. The video montage can be anywhere in the states!

Merry Christmas!! Thank you for your support of Elizabeth Anne Weddings !

* If you choose, you may also nominate someone else.

Submissions should be sent to:
Hurry! You only have 2 days! :) Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

promise you.

Snow is so magical isn't it?! There is such a soft relaxing presence to it that brings out this cozy cuddly feeling in your soul. I adore curling up on my couch and staring at it softly fall down from the sky as I wrap the blankets around me and sip my tea. I hate going out in it though...and shoveling it. :)
As the winter season truly starts for us, it's a reminder what Christmas brings about--lots and lots of proposals! :) Consider Elizabeth Anne to be your coordinator for the most important day of your life-you won't be let down.
I promise.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

elegantly you.

I am jiving with these elegant hair accessories. Aren't you?!

Silver or gold tulle and silk organza veil

Hairpin features ostrich and goose feathers

French net veil features ostrich feathers, Swarovski rhinestones, and hairpin.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

what will you say 'I Do' to?

I heart that my family & friends know my passions.
I heart that they know just what to give me to make me sparkle-and yes, it's most likely involved with weddings. :)
My newest little gift is a magazine article based on some fun tidbits that I'm lovin' to share with all the brides to be out there... you know who you are: this is for you.
We've been seeing it transcend into the making for the past few seasons and take the place of the all to familiar wedding cake and that is the cupcake. It has made it's depute and it's not going anywhere! We love them-they are cute, there is no cake cutting cost [oh yes, most venues have a cake cutting fee!] and well, who can refuse a cupcake?
Honestly, I know little.
Did you also know that there are even new-er trends breaking the scene? This peeked my interest quite a bit as I had never heard of it but the paper does not lie. [hah!]
The newest trend is ... Twinkies! Some other trends that are popping up are s'mores and doughnuts. Isn't that fun?!
All this to say: anything goes now-a-days, ladies! My sister had pies at her wedding this summer and it was a fantastic twist to the norm.
I say embrace the trends and think outside the box!

It's way too much fun! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

anne to my diana.

Friendships that complete you as a person are truly a gift that God has given us--especially us woman. Can I get an amen to that, ladies? ;) My Heidi is one of those gifts. She has the same intricate thoughts, weird expressions and wildness as me. We get it. We get each other. She is my Anne to my Diana.
The sad part is that she lives 9 hours away. Every year we make it a point to reconnect face to face. In our 11 years of friendship, we have never missed a year. This past weekend was our time to laugh over coffee, stay up half the night whispering secrets and kissing one another's cheeks. I treasure my few days with her as it must last me all year. Here's to you my beloved. Let us drink our sweater brews yearly as we dance in fall leaves. I love you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

searching for you.

In the off season of the year you may think that wedding consultants sit back and drink our pumpkin spice lattes while breezing through the latest trends but it's not necessarily true! okay okay... I am totally still sipping that pumpkin spice latte and looking through all the greatest bridal mags but it isn't ALL I'm doing! :)
I'm working hard to find the very best wedding vendors for you. The vendors that elizabeth anne recommends are top notch in quality, personality and trustworthy to the core... and can I just say that I am meeting the BEST ones?! I am!! It's been a blast to add these fab vendors to my list & I'm super excited to start recommending them to you...because you are worth it. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

be an honored guest.

Guests have a huge part in a wedding, unfortunately there is some huge no- no's going on that I just have to address. : )

RSVP immediately. As soon as you get the invitation, ideally. Especially if you cannot attend – this will allow the hosts to possibly expand their guest list with plenty of time to send an invitation properly. If the response card asks for entree selection, be sure to fill it in, and why not add a quick message to the back of the card – let the couple know how excited you are to be a part of their wedding day. It’s so much fun to receive the RSVPs in the mail, and your bonus message will be a delight for the bride and groom.

Arrive early. Expect there may be traffic and that parking might be atrocious, and still plan to be at the wedding ceremony at least 15 minutes earlier than stated on the invitation. It’s becoming more common to state a time on the invitation that differs from the planned start time to be sure everyone has arrived, but if the ceremony takes place in a church, that buffer time may not be available. So don’t just be on time, be early.

Sit where you are assigned to sit. The couple and families spent many hours fine tuning who will set where and to disregard their careful planning is not only disrespectful to the hosts, but may also create some adjusting for the catering staff who were told in advance how many people (and perhaps entree choices) were at each table.

Participate. If there is a guest book to sign, please do! If well wishes are requested, take the time to sincerely offer advice. If there is a photo booth with pros available, it is your duty as a considerate wedding guest to don a boa and sombrero and say “cheese!” If the bride is out on the dance floor with the kids and no one is joining her, be the first to do so and start a trend.

And then there is the bar… This is a celebration, so celebrate! But know when enough is enough. The last memory anyone will want of this wedding is how sloshed or sick one got during the reception. Don’t pull focus from the couple – the spot light is on them and it’s your just as the guest to stand by and applaud.

Respect their space. There will be many people who want time with the couple, so take your turn and try not to monopolize their attention. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the rest of families (if you don’t already know them) and express your joy in attending this wonderful occasion.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Italian designer Atelier Aimee creates feminine, romantic gowns that have a unique dreamy quality. Her 2010 collection was full of whimsical gowns with soft, sweet details and hints of color. My absolute favorite is the 1st one. It captures fairy-tale romance in modern and clean lines. Which one strikes your fancy, friends?

Monday, October 19, 2009

tank full.

For those that have been wondering on where I have been, I have been filling my love tank. My hubby and I disappeared and left life behind us to celebrate a new decade into our marriage--our 10 yr anniversary.
After many months of debating on where to celebrate this mark in our life together, we decided on LA. I had never been and he, only as a child to visit disneyland.
The trip was exciting, fun and romantic//exactly what we needed to reconnect and celebrate our love.

here are some highlights for your viewing pleasure. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


...the new & improved Elizabeth Anne Weddings!!!!

Some of you may notice the fabulous change that has taken place//we have a new logo! Rockstar Christine Tafoya from deluxemoderndesign blew me away with her creative style & fun taste!
Let me know your thoughts--I'd just love to hear them! =)))

Sunday, September 20, 2009

As October approaches I get even more sentimental over love.
Yes, it's my anniversary month, how did you know?! ;)
Everything encompasses love for me in October, including my s&p shakers! =)
But seriously, who doesn't love fall?! It's the perfect season. Pumpkins, leaves, crisp air, apple crisps..ah sweet delights at every turn!
To celebrate fall, I've put together some fun fall favors that have struck my eye the past few days. They are full of fall goodness, easy to put together and absolutely fun!

For a unique fall favor, wrap tapers in vellum; dress up with blossoms or a matchbox covered with paper, florets, and real leaves. Tie box to candles with a cord threaded through the box's underside.

Take caramel apples and have the packaged individually for your guests. Add a touch of personalization with a ribbon that matches your colors. These are great to give to guests as they leave for the night.

It's only fitting to give cookies in a jar -- this one is tiny in size but big in old-fashioned charm. The mini store-bought cookies inside include chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry, and shortbread currant. Embellish the jar with a ribbon-tied tag and a homemade label (affix with double-sided tape).

A beautiful Fall Leaf sits on top of a square Matt Gold or Chocolate Brown glossy favor box. Tied with rich coordinating Autumn Gold or Chocolate Brown Satin Ribbon and filled with sweet treats.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The very talented and amazing Videographer, Lisa Maxwell, from Still Reminiscing made this video for Emily & Danny's Wedding on July 18, 09. Be sure to give her a holler!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

a few of my favorite things...

I love this song from The Sound of Music. It tugs on my heart strings and brings me back to childhood days..."raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens...bright paper packages tied up with string"...But what I love best about the song is the simplicity of it. The things that Maria found JOY in were simple and everyday. Sometimes in life we can get so caught up in the rush from here to there that we don't stop and notice the beautiful world around us. This is something I am constantly working at and aiming to achieve and slowly, getting better at. I desire to soak in the rays of summers last days and sit on the deck and watch my kids play baseball with the neighbors.
So, I challenge you, as I am often challenged, to soak it all in. "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it!" Psalm 118:24

Share with me friends! How are you soaking in the goodness?

Friday, August 28, 2009

calling all brides....

Don't miss out on the Bridal Extravaganza this year!
There will be over 500 styles at unbelievable prices!

Oakwood Mall
Rogers and Holland Jewelers
August 28th, 29th and 30th

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

everyone deserves a treat now and than...

...and YOU are no exception!

Right now, ELizabeth Anne Weddings is offering a special if you book before the end of 2009. Yes, this includes all 2010 weddings but must be booked before this year ends! We are offering 20% off all packages. W00t! Don't let this pass you by--it's too good of a steal to miss!
Contact us today! =)

Monday, August 17, 2009

you are grand!

Let's face it: no wedding is complete without the grand exit! It makes you feel important and loved, a feeling we all soak in! And it's [one of] the parts that make the wedding day of our dreams so special!

I have seen some amazing grand exits! My dear friend Regina, had doves fly out of cages at her wedding while the guests blew bubbles. In my vast picture drawer I have a picture of her laughing with bubbles illuminating around her face as she holds her new husband close. My sister also chose the bubble route for her outdoor wedding and it honestly never gets old to me!

However, in case you are thinking of something different or your venue doesn't allow certain things, heres some ideas for you to chew on....
~Have your guests wave confetti sticks, spin colorful pinwheels or hold wands streamed with ribbons of your wedding colors as you pass by them.
~Hand out mini bells for your guests to ring
~Place battery operated tea lights to illuminate your path.
~Sparkler send off [especially cool in the evening hours]
~Why not try something very sweet and rent a bicycle built for two and ride away on it? Think of the classic fun shots your photographer can get!! [especially perfect for a sweet garden soiree]

Now it's your turn! Share with me your grand exit and how it worked for you--inquiring minds want to know! ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Danny & Emily

Wedding Montage Video I made for Danny & Emily. It was played at their wedding reception and was a huge hit!

Monday, July 27, 2009

out of the box.

After millions of people have viewed the non-traditional dance down the aisle to the upbeat tune of Forever, it has made me think...
What are some out of the box moments that you had at your wedding? The young bride is edging more and more out of the traditional mold when it comes to weddings. They desire to make it their own and I for one am all for this! It makes me want to hear more stories of what YOU did on your own wedding day that was out of the box. 
So share away and while your sharing, soak in the memory of what made your day so special--just the two of you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

laughter and tears

Have you seen this? Laughter turned into tears within moments, oh the personalities behind this couple are fantastic and so full of life!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Real Wedding:: Danny & Emily

Danny & Emily were married on a cloudy day at Riverview Island in Eau Claire on July 18, 09.

Since this was an outside wedding, I was praying all week that the rain would stand at bay and I was very relieved when it did! Even if the day was a tad chilly, it was better than rain! =)

Highlights of the wedding were too many to write but don't worry, I'll give you a peek at the ones that stood out the most...
Danny & Emily wrote their own vows. I personally love it when a couple writes their vows because to me, it personalizes the ceremony. I'm all about personalizing the ceremony as much as possible! It's your OWN, make it just that! Danny has an amazing gift of forming words and speaking elegantly, it was definitely a tear filled moment for many guests. They opted out of a unity candle and instead did a unity planting. I was excited about this, it has much symbolism in it. The planting and watering takes time and work for it to flourish but when it does, and the roots are grounded, it is a beautiful site.
As they walked down the aisle the guests lined them with small bubbles. It was magical.
Emily has a knack for the small details and her decorations at the reception site, the Metropolis Hotel, were very unique and cool! Instead of the traditional cake, they got an assortment of pies from Main St Cafe. They did an amazing job and the pies were a HUGE hit! I love when brides think outside the box and Emily was one of those brides which was a ton of fun for me!

Can you guess what their main theme of the wedding was?!

The pies sat on these tree logs that Emily & Danny cut up! It was so cool!

The baby bamboos that graced each table at the reception.

Emily & Danny--much love to you both!

[Did you guess the theme? Green! The colors were green and so were the decor--everything was environmentally friendly!]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to Elizabeth Anne Weddings-it's's fresh!
Okay, Okay I know you may be wondering: why are you changing your name from somethingblue? well...
I have been reading on branding & it struck me that a ton of people are associated with the name "Something Blue". Why do I want to be like other people? I'm simply not- I am who I am and have unique skills to offer. I desire to stand out! =)
I'm very excited about this new chapter and expect great things to come from it!
So, thank you to all my fans and supporters who have been there for me! I love you all so much!

Love, EA