Tuesday, March 20, 2012

aspiring wedding planners vidblog two

In the midst of my currently chaotic life {"I can't find my shoes!"  "did you pack my white shirt?!"  "we have no dishes!" --yep, can you guess-we are MOVING!}, I carved out time for this new video for you aspiring planners.
Cause you are worth it - and amazing - and, well, I had makeup on today! :D
enjoy lovlies!

Friday, March 16, 2012

turning five... and the heart of a mother.

I sat through church and couldn't stop the tears from flowing. And it wasn't the pretty tears either. It was the sobbing-choking-hiccuping kind of tears where all you want to do is crawl under the covers and hid in the dark while you cry your heart out. But there I was in a crowd of people, and it took everything in my willpower to hold back the tears as graciously as possible.
I just wanted to just sink through the floor because I knew.
I just knew.
It's terrible to admit, but I didn't want another baby. Rob and I started out parenthood young and naive. My selfish instinct wanted to be done after having two little girls.
But God had something so much better.
My pregnancy was long, and hard. I'm not the type of girl who enjoys being pregnant. {What the heck  is that?!} But as the days past, I fell in love with this little boy growing inside of me. I found glimpses of joy, and my perspective started changing.
Rylan came to us on St Pattys day 2007. My little Irish gift. I absolutely loved how he was born on a holiday that is one of my favs. :)
...and he has forever changed my life.
Rylan makes us laugh daily. His love for me is indescribable. His smiles lights up the room.
And he is my reminder-daily-that Gods will for us, is SO MUCH greater than we can ever think possible.
Happy Birthday, my baby boy. You make my heart explode with joy. I love you to the moon and back... X a million.

love, mommy.

Friday, March 9, 2012

love in the purest form.

Oh, how I adore love. Love that's pure and fresh. Unselfish and raw.
In the purest form.
Love is the heart of this business for me. I love what weddings hold; the essence of a man + woman coming together as one.
I love blessing my clients with a seamless day. A day where they don't have to worry about a thing.
A day filled with love.
As a planner, I'm constantly absorbed in wedding photography. Because of this, I have really been able to pin point my favorite ways a photographer captures love on the wedding day. So, when I see a photographer that absorbs that love to the fullest - I'm smitten.
This month, I'm 'over the moon - head over heels' happy to feature Miss Chelsey Paul. She is fabulous, fun, and has such an amazing eye for photography. I heart her, and am confident you will too!
oh, and ps. she doesn't only do weddings. yep, she does it all.... I may or may not be dreaming about wrapping her around my fingers for my next family shoot!! :D
Read on, friends and than... CALL HER!!

Give a brief description on your services:
I am a photographer, producer, and stylist! I photograph lovely weddings, portraits and lifestyle. I produce photoshoots, fashion shows, and campaigns for designers, companies, photographers and individuals wanting to strengthen their brands and ideas. I style for my clients as well as for other individuals and photoshoots.

Give your vision for this business:
I’ve never liked to just pick one thing, so early on I made the choice to do everything I love; to make them each something that I enjoy while providing something lovely, professional and time- less for my clients.

How long have you been doing this? 
5 years

How are you different from other photographers? What makes you stand apart?
Having the styling and production experience,  helps me to photograph in a way where my subjects are being portrayed at their best.

Talk to me about prices:
My portraits begin at $300.00 and weddings at $2,500.00

Does the client have all rights to the photos?
I do give the disc of edited images with every session, which allows my clients to make prints and share online (with proper credit). Anything that will be published needs to have my approval and images may not be manipulated in any way other than the way they were received.

What is the turn around time for the client to receive their images?
A feature on my blog happens within 1-2 days and clients receive their full online gallery in two to three weeks after their session/wedding.

Contact information: 
Chelsey Paul 
on facebook and twitter

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

be you: steps to becoming a wedding planner

One of my most favorite shows is "The Middle". It's beyond hilarious, and I choose to think the reason behind that is because it is so real. It's like the writers are looking into my own home at times.
I just so relate.
Last week, I was talking to a friend about the show and she said "they are setting me free!"
and that hit me.
I love it when friends say something that lingers in my head, and I take that home with me and let it marinate. I think that a lot of people put on pretenses. We want to be perceived as the very best...the best planner, the best photographer, the best mom--whatever it is. At our core, we know that we're not, but desire that illusion to be there.
One thing that lays on my heart, is to help girls who want to be in the wedding industry. I get so many emails from girls who want this career.
And I remember.
I know what its like to be there; waiting, longing, and wondering "what is the next step? how do I get into this career?" And I long to help them - all of them.
So, this is my way. My first step towards one of my 2012 goals. I am starting a video blog for girls starting their planning business. Its not the most professional video, or the most professional planner.
But, it's me-being me.
And it's my way of setting us free from anything that holds us back from truly using our greatest assets.