Friday, December 31, 2010

in my heart all year.

new years eve.
it does something to make me just want to sit down and pen my thoughts as I think back on the year. the joys, the pains and the accomplishments. they are all part of the journey.
there is something exciting about starting a new year. some people have had a hard year and want to start afresh. some have resolutions, and some have goals.
mine are wrapped into both all year long. not only today or tomorrow. but all year...

find joy in each day. even if the day is hard - choose joy.
treasure moments. moments that are simple. moments that are full of life. moments to store in the depths of my heart.
follow my heart. God will lead my steps. trust Him.

to my friends, happy new year. may this year exceed all our dreams.
All my love and gratitude,

Friday, December 24, 2010

love life.

"I want silly bands for Christmas!"
"What are we doing today?"
"I'm bored."
"Can we make cookies?"
"Daddy's making us pancakes!"
"My tummy hurts."
"Can we go sledding?"
"Can I help you wrap presents?"

These are all the sounds in my household this week. The girls' are off from school and relishing in the season around us.
Yesterday Rob and I stole away for a few hours to finish our Christmas shopping and eat a light lunch. As we sipped our coffee, we looked at each other and talked about how amazing our 30's have been. So much easier than the 20's. Maybe it's because the kids are older, maybe it's because we are more mature and able to 'handle' life with a bit more grace...whatever the reason, we are loving life.
My prayer is that you are loving life as well. The big and the small. Because it's all amazing.

Merry Christmas!

All my love to you in this beautiful season!
xo, elizabeth

Monday, December 20, 2010

real wedding=Kate+John

Their eyes sparkled as I watched & listened to them talk about how they met, the proposal, and their dreams for life. Kate is full of life even as she manages life as a doctor and strange shifts. John is her stability and rock to lean on.
and I don't doubt for a second how much they adore each other.

Their September wedding sparkled as the clouds gave way to a beautiful fall day.
um, yes. Kate really is this beautiful.
The first look was under a willow tree.
Pure genius photog skills was too be had all over this day by the amazing Brandon Werth.
He blows me away.
Flowers were from Pearls and Lace
John's parents + grandparents were married in this same church: Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church. Such beautiful memories for them all.
Reception was held at Pracna on Main.
John's mom may be the next Martha Stewart. She is that amazing. All the reception floral was from her garden and made by her loving hands.
Sweets provided the delicious cupcakes that graced each table. They were a big hit!
Each guest took home an herb plant & some amazing candy treats.

All my love + congrats to this beautiful and sweet couple. Your wedding was beautiful and it was such a joy to share in it with you. Your both amazing!

All my love,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

linen fabulous.

When planning your wedding reception, think seriously about providing your own tablecloths. It adds such an element of personality to your wedding and does not have to to break the bank either.
Going with a pattern adds drama and more personality--which is perfect! You can do every other table to take away some of the cost but still have that punch of color.

This small wedding “sweet heart” table was put together with mismatching china patterns, glass vases, old books, lace and blue tablecloth. Look for things around your home, or even your grandmother’s home for ways to create a similar shabby chic feel.

You can find old lace tablecloths at thrift sales and dye them to your choice color.

The sky's the limit! Don't get tied down to white linens. Continue to think outside the box to make the weddings yours.