Monday, February 22, 2010

diy day 6:: floral centerpiece

Happy Monday, friends! It's been a ridiculously busy day but a happy one. I'm currently sunk into my couch with a cookie..a nice way to end a day, hey?! :)
Well, what are we doing today? How about a centerpiece?!

Flower & Citrus Centerpiece
you will need:
-clear square or rectangular vase [one word:ikea!]
-floral foam, 1-2 blocks, soaked in water for at least a few hours
-flowers of your choice, 1-2 dozen
-limes, about 10
1. measure the inside of the vase and cut the foam block so that it is 1in. smaller than the length of the vase and about half of the height. soak the foam in water for at least a few hours.
2. once the foam is hydrated, let is drain for a few minutes in a sink to remove excess water. You want the foam moist but not so wet that it will create puddles of water on your work surface.
3. while the foam is draining, prepare your flowers. cut the stems at a 45degree angle about 1 in shorter than the height of the vase.
4. place the foam in the bottom of your container. center it. insert the flowers directly into the foam. fill the vase with about two-thirds of the flowers.
5. grab the limes and cut them into 1/4in. slices, discarding the ends. Begin adding lime slices between the floral foam and the sides of the vase. layer the limes for a mosaic effect, making sure the flat sides of the lime slices face the glass. finish adding the flowers.
6. once the flowers are in place, fill the container with 3/4 in of water. add any remaining lime slices to fill the vase. the water, flowers, and foam should keep the lime slices in place.

-this is a day of project. you can however, slice the limes a day in advance & keep in the fridge.
-try finding limes at your local farmers market-they are usually cheaper & larger.
-other fruits can be used for this-it doesn't have to be limes. you can use oranges, grapefruit, uncut grapes, celery, bell peppers, or asparagus -- be creative!
-i would recommend trying this and any diy project before the event to practice on!


  1. This is soooo gorgeous!!! Though I'm not getting married, I'm going to make it for my house just because!! Love this series Liz, so clever! HUgs to you!