Sunday, October 25, 2009

be an honored guest.

Guests have a huge part in a wedding, unfortunately there is some huge no- no's going on that I just have to address. : )

RSVP immediately. As soon as you get the invitation, ideally. Especially if you cannot attend – this will allow the hosts to possibly expand their guest list with plenty of time to send an invitation properly. If the response card asks for entree selection, be sure to fill it in, and why not add a quick message to the back of the card – let the couple know how excited you are to be a part of their wedding day. It’s so much fun to receive the RSVPs in the mail, and your bonus message will be a delight for the bride and groom.

Arrive early. Expect there may be traffic and that parking might be atrocious, and still plan to be at the wedding ceremony at least 15 minutes earlier than stated on the invitation. It’s becoming more common to state a time on the invitation that differs from the planned start time to be sure everyone has arrived, but if the ceremony takes place in a church, that buffer time may not be available. So don’t just be on time, be early.

Sit where you are assigned to sit. The couple and families spent many hours fine tuning who will set where and to disregard their careful planning is not only disrespectful to the hosts, but may also create some adjusting for the catering staff who were told in advance how many people (and perhaps entree choices) were at each table.

Participate. If there is a guest book to sign, please do! If well wishes are requested, take the time to sincerely offer advice. If there is a photo booth with pros available, it is your duty as a considerate wedding guest to don a boa and sombrero and say “cheese!” If the bride is out on the dance floor with the kids and no one is joining her, be the first to do so and start a trend.

And then there is the bar… This is a celebration, so celebrate! But know when enough is enough. The last memory anyone will want of this wedding is how sloshed or sick one got during the reception. Don’t pull focus from the couple – the spot light is on them and it’s your just as the guest to stand by and applaud.

Respect their space. There will be many people who want time with the couple, so take your turn and try not to monopolize their attention. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the rest of families (if you don’t already know them) and express your joy in attending this wonderful occasion.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Italian designer Atelier Aimee creates feminine, romantic gowns that have a unique dreamy quality. Her 2010 collection was full of whimsical gowns with soft, sweet details and hints of color. My absolute favorite is the 1st one. It captures fairy-tale romance in modern and clean lines. Which one strikes your fancy, friends?

Monday, October 19, 2009

tank full.

For those that have been wondering on where I have been, I have been filling my love tank. My hubby and I disappeared and left life behind us to celebrate a new decade into our marriage--our 10 yr anniversary.
After many months of debating on where to celebrate this mark in our life together, we decided on LA. I had never been and he, only as a child to visit disneyland.
The trip was exciting, fun and romantic//exactly what we needed to reconnect and celebrate our love.

here are some highlights for your viewing pleasure. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


...the new & improved Elizabeth Anne Weddings!!!!

Some of you may notice the fabulous change that has taken place//we have a new logo! Rockstar Christine Tafoya from deluxemoderndesign blew me away with her creative style & fun taste!
Let me know your thoughts--I'd just love to hear them! =)))