Tuesday, May 25, 2010

video inspiration.

I love DIY projects like oh-so-many others out there. It's part of making it your own.
So, when I came across this fun video of a wedding coordinator paired with a wedding photographer, I fell in love because 1. I am a hugely visual person so seeing a DIY makes much more sense to me than just reading one. 2. They look like fun gals. Makes me want to fly to the OC and be their new besties. :)
For us lovelies that tend to more visually minded-these videos are for you.
enjoy...and be inspired. :)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the models::scene two

One of my visions for the photo shoot was to capture love in it's purest form. I wanted models who had such love for each other. I have been the model in front of the lens in the past with my hubby, and it was such an unforgettable experience. It was such a joy to see some of my friends discover this as well.

Josh & Angela have been married two years and have become sweet friends to us. Angela is also a photographer [visit her site at here] so I know this was a treat for her to be in front of the lens instead of behind.
This is one of my favorite photos of Josh & Angela.

Brian & Angie have been our friends for over 10 years and with #4 on the way, nothing can be sweeter than getting away and focusing on each other for a few hours. This first picture I'm in love with and if they don't blow it up and frame it on their wall, I will. ;)

This next couple isn't a couple but wonderful models. Sean is a fun friend & Britney, a new friend that has formed from this shoot. I loved them together and they flowed so well with each other.

A little fun vintage bike to end the day was perfection.

Thank you to all the beautiful models. You guys rocked it out and it was so hard picking just a few to post. Your the best!

Much love&appreciation,

Monday, May 17, 2010

the details::scene one

The mock wedding photo shoot I designed and coordinated was too.much.fun.
I had thee BEST vendors come along side my vision for this shoot along with thee BEST models. That morning in April, SNOW cascaded down from the sky but we all remained positive. Setting up in that cold was horrible but when it was time for the shoot to begin, the clouds parted and the sun peeked our shoulders with warm delight. I could have done 100 cartwheels but I refrained like any lady would. :)
Today we are going to look at the fabulous vendors and their wonderful products. I could literally squeeze them with such delight and love.

Shannon, from The Bridal Shoppe in Eau Claire blessed me with three gorgeous dresses for the models to wear. This is one of the beauties.

Lacy from Lakeview Floral in Menomonie is the sweetest gal. She is so helpful and kicks butt in floral design. I'm tickled to work alongside such an amazing vendor as her.

Design work was done by the amazing & beautiful Amy with UNIQLOVE. She literally blew me out of the water by her designs for this shoot. This is just a sampling of what she did with more to come soon. Her fresh concepts and professionalism is seriously the best I've ever seen.

Cakes by Gretchen [email: gsieleni@aol.com] made these delicious cupcakes for us to enjoy. Paired with UNIQLOVE designs, it looked perfect.

The vintage concept I had in my mind had to come with a perfect venue. That was found at the Brickhouse Stables. This location could not have served our needs any more perfect and the owners, Marsha & Peter Luehring, were complete gems who accommodated everything I could possibly need and more. I was absolutely inspired by them and can not thank them enough for their generosity. They are not shy to weddings on their property so give them a call at 715.235.0758. Look at this beautiful brick house of theirs! It has so much character and charm.

Hair & Makeup was done by the lovely gals at Appearances. They absolutely rocked it out & the girls shimmered.

Of-course I can't thank my dear friend, Suwannee for coming out and taking these photos. You are so sweet, my friend. You inspire me daily and I treasure our friendship.

Tomorrow I highlight the best models in the world and all the beauty they contain so stay tuned!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

1 year anniversary edition::Sarah&Jeremy::

Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected places. For Sarah and Jeremy, it was at a caribou coffee in Minneapolis...or to be more exact, on eharmony. ;)
On the day they met for the first time, Jeremy was waiting for Sarah as she entered the coffee shop-a bit early herself; he had beat her there. Both of them nervous and excited, they settled in with their drinks to get to know one another more on that special day...a day that would forever change their lives.
Jeremy made Sarah laugh and she loved his hi-cues. Sarah inspired Jeremy and there was no
doubt when you looked at him, he was awe struck by her beauty. They became two peas in a
pod as their relationship grew. Six months later, on a beautiful fall day in Hudson, WI, Jeremy planned a picnic lunch at a park where he popped the question. Sarah was in heaven's delight as she said YES!
They planned a May 16, 2009 wedding and the day could not have been more bright and beautiful. Sarah radiated with joy and beauty with every inch of her being, and Jeremy-well, he was downright giddy to be marrying the woman of his dreams.
As you two celebrate your love today, one year later, all my love goes out to you two. Here's a reminder of your beautiful spring day.

The day started at ReVamp Salon. They are rockstars over there.

Daniel Snow captured their wedding day perfectly.

See? This is why I LOVE pinning on the bout's. Look at his face!! It's priceless love.

Sarah ordered her flowers online at The Flower Exchange

First kiss as husband & wife!

This is my favorite picture of them from the day.

and the cake-delicious!

I love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


a peek. just a little one...
...because your worth it, that's why.

{more to come on this fabulous mock wedding photo shoot later in the week. I know, your dying aren't you? :D}

Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mom.

Gear up for some ah-mazing photos from the wedding photo shoot I coordinated last month set to come this week! If you have not seen my inspiration board you can find it here. It will wet your appetite and have you coming back for more. . . :)
Today, though, I want to talk about my mom.
It's funny as a child you just don't seem to understand exactly how much your mom does for you. I didn't. It wasn't until I had my own that my eyes were opened and than I was truly thankful. I grew up in a great home. I don't take my childhood for granted at all. I was very blessed with loving, Godly parents.
One of my favorite memories of my mom was after I had my first, Gretchen. I lived in Spokane and was really not prepared for what was in store for me and how my life would completely change. She came from Wisconsin to visit the day after I came home from the hospital. I was beyond exhausted, extremely emotional [most likely post-pardom depression] and all I could do was either cry or sleep. She took Gretchen and watched her the entire time she was visiting.
She stayed up all night with her [Gretchen's days and nights were switched] and would only come and wake me when I needed to feed her. She let me just cry and didn't look at me like I had lost my mind. She understood. I found so much comfort in that.
Through the years, I have continued to feel comfort from her understanding ways. I cannot describe how completely grateful I am to have her as my mom. She shines.
Thank you mom, always believing in me and loving me! Happy Mother's Day.

First off, can I just say how much I love this picture of my mom and dad?! I love how I am such a resemblance of her today!

I love how I am looking up my her with such adoration. I was about six here and this is one of my favorite day memories as a child-my uncle's wedding. Maybe that's when my love for weddings truly blossomed in my young girl heart?

and today! :)

How has your mom inspired you? What stories can you share that are special to your heart?