Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DIY day 7::photo booth

Are you sad to wrap up the DIY week? Let me know which diy you enjoyed the most!
I am wrapping it up with a hot one though! Photo booths are popular this season-everyone wants one but not everyone can afford to rent one! Well, our fab diy solves this problem.

Photo Booth
you will need:
- flat bed sheet, twin size or larger, depending on your space.
- crop a tile tool [okay, not going to lie-i have no idea what a crap-a-what?--is!] or a hole punch [oh good, an alternative!]
- removable adhesive hooks, about 4-8, found at craft or hardware stores.
-picture frame about 16inX20in
- chalkboard paint
- digi camera with tripod
- photo printer
- scrapbook with blank pages
- fine point permanent marker
- double sided tape
1. set up your backdrop. make it accessible to guests but out of the way of foot traffic. the back drop should be without windows on a plain wall. You will punch holes along the top of the sheet, about 1in from the top and 2in apart. use these holes as placement guide for when you attach the adhesive hooks to the wall.
2. hang the hooks to the wall and hang the sheet on the hooks. you will want the top of the sheet to hang high, at least 7 in from the ground. that way you won't see the top-edge of the background behind any taller guests' heads.
3. on a nearby table close to an outlet, set up your camera, printer, and the scrapbook.
4. for the photo frame chalkboard, remove the glass or plastic backing form a photo frame. spray it with 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint, and let it dry for at least 24 hours. reinsert the glass or plastic, add some cardboard for backing and you have a message worthy chalkboard for your guests to write silly notes on that will be seen while they take their pictures.
5. recruit a couple people to monitor. this will help keep from printing up wasteful shots. print up the pictures, attach them in the scrapbook and have the guests write a note beside their photos.

-not all venues will have you hang things from the wall. ask before to get the all clear. If you can't, look for a corner and have the walls be the back drop. however, most white walls are too harsh.
-add props to bring out the fun in your guests! father boas, party hats, fun little couches and chairs add great character.
- light the photo booth area well and keep away from doors and windows.
- if you are having an outside reception think about drawing a clothes ling and draping sheets over it for your backdrops. I've seen this done and it's very fun.
Think outside the box and let your imagination go!


  1. Oh what a delightfully fun and oh-so-original idea to make a wedding day one of a kind. loving this, truly, with all my heart! This is the kind of passion and creativity that makes you such a terrific wedding planner. Oh please, God, that I could have another wedding day - with Liz as my planner, of course ... even though I want to marry the same incredible man... Don't tell me I'm crazy, I'm just a lovely romantic!

  2. lol-i'm thinking someone needs a renewal! :)
    thank you, angie!