Tuesday, May 31, 2011

wedding hairs.

I have a fetish with amazing wedding hairstyles. I'm confident it's due to the fact that my wedding hairstyle was nothing short of horrific.
I wanted to save money.
{Enough said}
I love the hairstyles that I've seen lately. They are full and whimsical. Long gone are the tight buns-today we welcome volume.
and i love it.

what hair-style do you love?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Ah! The guilt for not having posted in at least a couple weeks eats away at me.
Time is flying by, wedding season is in full bloom, and my kids get out of school this week already! SUMMER--I truly love thee.
to the fullest.
One of my favorite things to do every spring, is plan my Church's grad reception. Last year we had an old school house theme and I thought truly, we could not surpass that amazing-ness. Somehow, we did.
These year, we based it off of "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Suess. I had never read the book until I started planning the details, but it is an amazing book. I recommend as a grad gift, or for someone who is about to go through any change in life.
It is always so much fun thinking of the little details. I have people that that talk to me about planning parties, and feel overwhelmed at the process. One thing that I always tell them is to first think of a theme. Without the theme, nothing is co-hesive.
I always start with a inspiration board which gets my ideas and thoughts in one place.
This is the inspiration board I made for the Grad reception. After gathering ideas, thinking of the space, & searching online this was easy to put together and kept my thoughts in one place.
I used cute sayings from the book to advertise the event as well as signage through the decor.
This sign stole the show! I love having such creative friends!
Having green eggs and ham was a must since when you think of Dr. Suess, you think of green eggs & ham. It was a huge hit! Seriously, people were downright giddy. :)
Much Love,

Photo Credit: Angela Napiwocki {Love her!}

Thursday, May 5, 2011

short hair & ugly sweaters.

Sometimes random fb status' bring back memories. It happened to me this morning.
I was shot back in time as an 8 year old with short, boy-like hairs and ugly pink sweaters that were too small. My brother was beyond slow in the morning hours and I remember my mom trying to hustle him out the door--always late. Of course my sister, the eldest, and always responsible one, was already waiting at the bus stop as the bus emerged from around the corner. Not us, no. We would come flailing out the door, running at top speed for the bus. To this, my sister rolled her eyes and said to the bus driver "they're coming"...to which he would roll his eyes as well.
He disliked us.
It's sweet memories like this that make my heart smile. Memories with my siblings are so sweet when you are older. When I was young, well, a different story!
I pray daily that my children will hold these sweet memories in their hearts as they grow into young people. When the girls' fight, I remind them that one day they will be best friends.

Me, my sister {the eldest} and my brother.
Us today! {Plus my little brother!}
The three of us girls today!
On another turn, my first wedding of the season is tomorrow so I am gearing up and excited! Have a beautiful weekend, friends~

Monday, May 2, 2011

simply fab.

I am so in.love with save the dates because you can get super creative and fun with them. When one of my clients sent this over for their October wedding, I flipped and had a perma smile on my face. They are SO CREATIVE and I know their wedding is going to be stocked full of amazing details and super - super fun!
It also just so happens that this couple owns a little divine shoppe called Squawk Productions. They do amazing videos for weddings and save the dates! SO-if this strikes your fancy, you should so totally contact them for details {Caitlin&Sam:: info@squawkproductions.com}}.

Enjoy! Happy Monday! :)