Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my thoughts...

I used to have this fantasy of how it would be when I fell in love and got married. He would be much like Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables--saving me from sinking boats, slightly touching my hairs and calling me a cute nickname that only he has for me. He would also have traits much like "the captain" in The Sound of Music. It would be normal to break into song when our love was confessed for one another. Yes, I lived in a fantasy world--but really, doesn't every young girl?We all want the same thing. We want to be loved by the man of our dreams. We want our quirky traits to be looked at with endearing eyes as love spills out of our beau's eyes. When I married Rob, none of these fantasies had been there as my young mind dreamt of. Yes, I was disappointed but older and wiser, knowing that life wasn't a fantasy world and sometimes, it was just .. life.
Something has changed over the years though. I've come to realize that every story is beautiful because it's your story. You & your spouse [fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend] make it what it is:yours. Together you have created a world full of beauty. A mystery at what lies ahead and dreams of what are yet to come.
We may not be Anne & Gilbert but we do have this in common-we will have a happy ending just as they did. I know this because it doesn't matter how you got there-you have each other and really, that's what is the most important.

Rob & I last year. He has truly become my Gilbert.

This post inspired by Scott & Jane Strong as they celebrate their 14th anniversary today. Happy anniversary guys. May you bask in your unique story as you trickle through the cascading snow and reminisce on your journey past and future. God has a beautiful story yet to unfold in your lives. It's only just begun.

Friday, December 25, 2009

and the winner is...

.....Congrats to Heather & Phil who won the day-of coordination! Sadly, no submissions for the video montage [yes, I know-WHAT?!] but I am thrilled for this well-deserving couple and excited for their wedding in June!
Thank you for the submissions!
As we wrap up a beautiful, peaceful day let me say once again, Merry Christmas! My day was filled with family and joy. I just love basking in God's grace and love this time of year and I hope you too, have also.
Many warm hugs this eve..xo//

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Elizabeth Anne Weddings will be blessing two fantastic couples with two HUGE Christmas gifts this year!

We are giving away:
1. a wedding photo montage video [$300 value]
2.GRAND PRIZE: a day-of wedding planning service [$600 value]
Both of these prizes are absolutely-FREE!!
In order to win one of these great gifts, submit a blurb to us explaining why you think we should pick you for one of these fantastic prizes.

Perhaps you are in desperate need of help for your wedding but cannot afford a planner-or desire a personal, unique wedding video photo montage to play at your wedding-this gift is for you!

Please include why you deserve this in an email submitted no later than this Thursday 12/24 by 3pm. The video montage winner will be announced at 9pm on Christmas Eve and our grand prize winner will be announced at 10am on Christmas day!

Rules: You must already be our facebook fan, you must be located near the metro/Eau Claire area for the coordinator services. The video montage can be anywhere in the states!

Merry Christmas!! Thank you for your support of Elizabeth Anne Weddings !

* If you choose, you may also nominate someone else.

Submissions should be sent to:
Hurry! You only have 2 days! :) Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

promise you.

Snow is so magical isn't it?! There is such a soft relaxing presence to it that brings out this cozy cuddly feeling in your soul. I adore curling up on my couch and staring at it softly fall down from the sky as I wrap the blankets around me and sip my tea. I hate going out in it though...and shoveling it. :)
As the winter season truly starts for us, it's a reminder what Christmas brings about--lots and lots of proposals! :) Consider Elizabeth Anne to be your coordinator for the most important day of your life-you won't be let down.
I promise.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

elegantly you.

I am jiving with these elegant hair accessories. Aren't you?!

Silver or gold tulle and silk organza veil

Hairpin features ostrich and goose feathers

French net veil features ostrich feathers, Swarovski rhinestones, and hairpin.