Thursday, December 29, 2011

a rhino filled with joy.

I started this year with so much anticipation and complete and utter joy.
I end the year with that same expectancy and smile on my face.
Does that mean the year was a piece of cake? absolutely not.
But it does mean that through the trials that were presented to me, I learned through them.
I grew.
I challenged myself to go through with preserving, and never ever giving up.
But some days I was tempted.
{...dare I say that on the world wide web? I dare. }
Maintaining your own business has it's ups and downs.
But in the end, it is completely worth it.

It's been said to me in the past that I am a rhino. Meaning I charge through, without looking back.
I used to laugh at that and nod in agreement, but this year I have never been more proud to own that. ...because if I wasn't a rhino, would I be where I am today?

This has been my dream, and to watch it continue to unfold, and blossom...well, there are no words {THANK YOU, LORD}.  I'm so excited to see where else this business takes me.

Here are some of my highlights for 2011. My beloved clients. I love each of you. xo

With much anticipation for what 2012 unfolds,
Elizabeth Anne

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The snow is falling, and the Christmas movies are playing.
My kitchen has been in constant use with all the cooking and baking going on.
The gifts have not been wrapped, but my heart is full.
..and in this very moment, I am deliciously happy.

I want to take this minute to send my love to all of you this Christmas season. May you experience the season in it's richest form, full of God's love and grace.

All my love + happiness,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Real Wedding:: Eric + Sarah, Hager City WI

I laughed with delight when I first sat down with Eric and Sarah. Because they are those kind of people. People that bring so much laughter, joy, and zeal for living in each moment. They choose that. Their friends and family choose that.
....and their wedding was just that.
A perfect farm venue in Wisconsin, mixed with a light hearted couple and amazing heart was bursting at the seams. I loved.loved.loved this day!
Sarah! you are super stunning!
They did something incredibly special for their ceremony. Each of their attendants were given moments to say something about Eric + Sarah. Whether it be a poem, a song, a memory, or a blessing. I had not seen this done before, and was so inspired and touched by it. What a wonderful way of including people you love in your ceremony!
Eric's grandpa officiated. He is simply wonderful!
Sarah + Eric have a love for sharks, so why not bring that into the day?! They did, and it was so them!


Sarah + Eric, thank you for including me in your super fun day! You are simply wonderful, and a joy to know! I sincerely hope to see you again soon.

Much love & joy on this rainy Monday!

oh the amazing vendors...i like you all A LOT!

Wedding Coordination: Elizabeth Anne Weddings
Venue: Windbeam Farm
Photography: Kate Sommers {AMAZING!}
Catering: Chowgirls
DJ: Adagio
Flowers: Windbeam Farm
Photobooth: The Traveling Photo Booth
Cake: A Piece of Cake

Friday, December 9, 2011

an alternative to flower bouquets.

I work with so many budgets, but am constantly working towards helping my clients get the most stretch to their dollar. I simply adore the vendors I work with, but my clients are my number one priority{obviously!}.
So... today I want to talk about flower alternatives!
Now don't get me wrong-I adore flowers! Show me a peony or some ranunculus, and a huge smile will brighten my face! This post is for the bride on a budget, where flowers aren't a huge priority.

The brooch bouquet has become super popular over the past few years. These can be time consuming, but come out so beautiful and specific to you. I love this smaller version! It shows that you don't need something huge to make a statement.
Photo: Candid Kama Photography 
A pinwheel! I adore this. It's so simple, yet so whimsical and stunning. How much fun, right?!
Photo: Kena Helen Photography 
Give me an Asian inspired wedding, and I give you the most perfect alternative to flowers.
Can someone please do this?! Heavens to Betsy, this is fabulous!
Photo: Our labor of love
Vintage weddings are huge right now, so why not add a clutch element to the decor for you and your ladies?
I'm loving this!
Photo: Raya Photography
Lanterns are just starting to emerge as an element for your maids to carry.
Give them each a different lantern that reminds you of them, and also carry that into your gift for them!

I hope this helps and inspires you - these are just some of my most favorites. You can do just about anything! Let your imagination soar!

Happy Planning!
xo, E