Saturday, February 20, 2010

DIY day 4::carnation pomander

This DIY project is my favorite one. It seems easy and is beautiful. I like it so much I'm going to try it out on decor for my church's marriage retreat this year that I'm designing&planning. :)

Carnation Pomander
Carnations have a bad rep. I am amongst those that turn up my nose at the carnation flower. It just looks like such a filler & not beautiful in it's form. However, after viewing this project I have changed my mind. Perhaps every flower is beautiful in their own distinct way. Some you have to pull on to bring out it's full beauty, others you don't have to touch and they radiate on their own.
When thinking about this pomander, remember you can use it to hang with a ribbon from the reception ceiling or you can make small versions for your flower girls to carry or hang from the back of chairs. Also, if your ceremony is outside how about hanging them on shepherds hooks as aisle markers?
You will need:
-Floral foam block, 3 in by 4in by 9 in. or topiary ball, 10 in. to 18 in. in circumference
-Large bucket of water to soak floral ball in and hydrate flowers.
-Carnations 24-30 medium blooms for 10-in foam balls:36 large for 18 in. balls
-Floral sheers
-Floral pins

1. soak the floral foam ball in water for a few hours-about 2 hours.
2. while the ball is soaking, start prepping your flowers. this can take longer than you might think! first take a handful of flowers and cut their stems at a 45degree angle about 21/2 in. to 3 in. from the bottom of the bloom. remove any thorns or leaves. place the flowers in water while you trim the stems of the next bunch of flowers, so that all the buds stay hydrated and fresh while you work.
3. once the foam ball is hydrated, create a hanger for the pomander. the easiest way to do this is to cut a length of ribbon, about 10 in for a 10 inch ball. fold it in half to make a 5 in. loop. secure the ends of the loop with floral pins onto the top of the pomander.
4. starting on the top of the ball beside the ribbon hanger, insert flower stems directly into the foam, all the way down to the bloom. Move in a left to right pattern, from top to bottom.
5. while you continue to place the flowers, make sure they are evenly getting placed on the ball. if one section starts to look sparse or crowded, it's best to make adjustments early on in the process. continue until it is fully covered with blooms and your done!

helpful hints:
-this project is a night before or day-of project so make sure you have a helper. each one will take about an hour.
-broken flower stem? don't discard! stick a toothpick into the head to create a makeshift stem.
-buy your flowers 2 days in advance so that they are fully bloomed.

Thanks again DIY Bride!

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