Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY project day 3::stamped cocktail napkin

I have super busy day in front of me so getting this to you at the break of a new day. :) And guess what? I hear the birds chirping! Is spring going to appear soon, friends? Oh, my heart longs for it!
Today we have an awesome project for your reception.

Stamped Cocktail Napkin
Time to spice your napkins at only 20cents a piece you just can't go wrong! [extra tip:scour the clearance sections at target/walmart for the napkins you will use to stamp. I see clearance napkins all the time. Or another thought-look at Ikea!]
You will need: napkins, rubber stamps, pigment [very important to use pigment as it won't bleed or smudge your guests' fingers or faces] ink pad, ruler
1. protect your workspace. ink spills are no fun.
2. place a napkin down and gently tap your stamp on the surface of the ink pad to ink it up. tapping will help disperse ink evenly over the stamp surface. too much ink will create smudges or pools of ink on the napkin.
3. place the inked stamp firmly on the napkin than lift it straight up. don't rock the stamp back and forth-that will cause it to smudge. I would suggest you try a few practice runs on scrap paper to get the hang of it.
4. set the napkin aside to dry and you are done!

Wow-the simplicity of this project is astounding!

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