Tuesday, January 25, 2011

calling interns!

Twenty-ten was such a wonderful year for elizabeth anne weddings. I jumped into the twin cities with both feet in and was met with delightful connections and new found friends. I've never looked back.
With the transition to the cities, came finding an intern...and I found Mai. She exceeded my expectations {but more on that in another post}.
Twenty-eleven is off to a great start and I'm seriously beyond excited for the weddings already on the books and the ones yet to be. With the launch of Proposal Planning and adding additional services to Wedding Planning, we are on the hunt for a new intern.
And can I be honest? Finding a new intern makes me nervous. It's hard to wrap into words, but I'm opening up my world to a person and asking her to treat it well. This isn't only my business {which stands alone as extreme importance}, but it is also my passion. So anyone I choose, reflects not only me but my business. That's a huge decision and one that I take very seriously.
I say that to say this: I love you, but only apply for this if you are serious about wedding planning. You crave to know the ins and outs of this business like you crave chocolate on a emotionally hard day.. :) hah.
On to the specifics:
1. This is a part time non-paid internship but the experience you get is priceless!
2. You must be able to travel. Our weddings are in Eau Claire, WI and the Twin Cities. You may live in the twin cities or in upper Wisconsin.
3. You must be hardworking, professional, detail-orientated, friendly, and passionate about weddings.

To find out more details, e-mail me at info@elizabethanneweddings.com. I will be interviewing interested candidates until the position is filled. Please no phone calls.

Thank you! Thank you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my heart leaps.

I've sat on it for what seems like forever. Just sat and thought and prayed about when to do it, how to do it, and what it would entail.
...and than I did it and it has opened up my heart to a new world.
I simply can't sit anymore.
I'm just going for it and honestly don't know all the specifics but isn't that what stepping out is all about?
So.. I'm very pleased to announce that Elizabeth Anne is launching a new and elite service: "Proposal Planning." YES! We now offer Proposal Planning as part of our services and I am so excited about it!
Last month I had the opportunity to help a friend propose to his girlfriend. He needed help and I jumped {no, really, I leaped} at the prospect of actually being involved in this. It didn't disappoint. The feelings I had through it, were exact to the feelings I get right before the bride walks down the aisle. A rush of adrenaline, a burst of joy and a feeling of warmth.
It was than I knew this was meant to be a part of Elizabeth Anne.
I really feel like some guys have great ideas but don't know how to tie it together and pull together the perfect proposal specific to their relationship. This is where I come in. Never in any way do I take away the ideas or concepts, I simply add to them and help you create something beautiful. Something unique and wonderful.
So, don't wait. Call me today and together we will create and plan. Than we will blow her away with beauty and intimacy.

I love this proposal video. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

real wedding::Kate + Dave

Kate has a natural presence of fun and energy. She is the kind of girl that after having met her for the first time, I went home and told Rob about my deep desire to plan her wedding. When she hired me, I leapt around the house and did a typical Liz shout/dance. It's pretty much a combination of leaping and yelling in one splendid un-graceful style {I am not ashamed}.
Than, I met Dave and my joy was doubling in form. He is so attentive to her and they are un-ashamedly smitten with one another. After being around them only for a few hours that first day, my heart was full.
Kate and Dave's wedding had a classic movie theme/vibe to it.
and... I.loved.it.
I have said it once and I will say it again, having a theme pulls everything together. It brings unison and sets the wedding apart.
Every detail was thought through as Kate is the kind of girl who has been planning her wedding from childhood.
and it was nothing less than perfection.

I have never felt like this before, but seriously? it was super difficult to pick my fav's from this wedding. But can you really have too many pictures? Um, I think not.
Kate's sister, Beth, was a delight. They made me want to sing the "Sister-Sister" song from White Christmas when I saw them together. So much love.
Kate's mom. Seriously, amazing. This is something I don't usually talk about, but the parents behind the couples always become my friends as well. I fall in love with them each time.
Kate was a vision the entire day. Mai and I continually remarked to each other how beautiful she is. Truly a vision.
The beautiful floral was done by Luna Vinca.
Moments before the First Look...
Dave's face is priceless. Love it!
These two are my fav images from the day. They exhibit so much emotion.
The ceremony was held at Central. I have never seen such a beautiful church. Everywhere I looked, was simply stunning.
Exiting with beautiful bells overhead.
The reception was held at The Varsity. I've raved on this venue before and I will again. Full of character, and amazing service.
The cake was done by Icing Dreams and it was not only beautiful but delicious!
The Rude Band rocked.it.out.
Emotional toasts.
I cannot say enough about Biff from VADA Photography. He is simply amazing, professional, artistic and one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He has a heart of gold and it's no surprise he is so accomplished in his field. Thank you, Biff, for being so amazing. I cannot wait for us to work together again!

To Kate+Dave, let's be friends always.
Your wedding will always stay close to my heart.
We are after all, anniversary twins.

All my love, Elizabeth

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

pass on that vendor gift.

I cringe when I hear it.
"My uncle is gifting us with photography for our wedding"
"my FMIL told me she would make us our cake"
I have seen it time and time again. and guess what happens on day of wedding?
You ask for this:
and you get this:
or you desire this:
and get this:
No, not every time. But guess what? it happens more than not.
Or a year passes and the happy couple has still not seen their wedding photos or they have, and they hate them because they are low quality, red eyed and blurry.
While your family has the BEST intentions and we love them for it, my advice is to steer clear from a family gifting you with a a vendor service for your wedding day.
That being said, if your family member is gifted in a certain area, and you have seen the quality of their work before and have love it, than snag that gift! But, if Aunt Sue just wants to experiment on her handiwork by putting together a floral bouquet and she shows up with {gasp} fake flowers {yuuuuck}, pass politely and quickly.
I think all of us brides who have made this mistake {yes, even I did 11 years ago!} are shouting "hear - hear" from all over the web. :)

Happy Tuesday!