Sunday, November 15, 2009

anne to my diana.

Friendships that complete you as a person are truly a gift that God has given us--especially us woman. Can I get an amen to that, ladies? ;) My Heidi is one of those gifts. She has the same intricate thoughts, weird expressions and wildness as me. We get it. We get each other. She is my Anne to my Diana.
The sad part is that she lives 9 hours away. Every year we make it a point to reconnect face to face. In our 11 years of friendship, we have never missed a year. This past weekend was our time to laugh over coffee, stay up half the night whispering secrets and kissing one another's cheeks. I treasure my few days with her as it must last me all year. Here's to you my beloved. Let us drink our sweater brews yearly as we dance in fall leaves. I love you.

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