Monday, July 27, 2009

out of the box.

After millions of people have viewed the non-traditional dance down the aisle to the upbeat tune of Forever, it has made me think...
What are some out of the box moments that you had at your wedding? The young bride is edging more and more out of the traditional mold when it comes to weddings. They desire to make it their own and I for one am all for this! It makes me want to hear more stories of what YOU did on your own wedding day that was out of the box. 
So share away and while your sharing, soak in the memory of what made your day so special--just the two of you.


  1. Our first dance was to Joaquin Phoenix's version of Walk the Line. I didn't realize until we were dancing to it how fast paced it was, and don't think i've ever seen a couple do a non-slow song for their first dance! It was a lot of fun though.

    Instead of a unity candle, we did sand. We did light a really pretty custom-made candle as a memorial to our relatives who had passed.

    We did our pictures beforehand! So yes, he saw me in my dress before walking down the aisle. It saved a lot of time between the ceremony and reception, and the first sight was just as special for both of us.

    I love Pachelbel's Canon D but i wanted to walk down to something else, so we used it for the mother's and grandmother's entrance.

    This says more about the best man's sense of humor, but we thought it was unique and hilarious! He wrote his speech on toilet paper and rolled it out to read it right there in the hall!

  2. *laughing at the toilet paper roll! *
    thank you!! =))