Sunday, November 22, 2009

what will you say 'I Do' to?

I heart that my family & friends know my passions.
I heart that they know just what to give me to make me sparkle-and yes, it's most likely involved with weddings. :)
My newest little gift is a magazine article based on some fun tidbits that I'm lovin' to share with all the brides to be out there... you know who you are: this is for you.
We've been seeing it transcend into the making for the past few seasons and take the place of the all to familiar wedding cake and that is the cupcake. It has made it's depute and it's not going anywhere! We love them-they are cute, there is no cake cutting cost [oh yes, most venues have a cake cutting fee!] and well, who can refuse a cupcake?
Honestly, I know little.
Did you also know that there are even new-er trends breaking the scene? This peeked my interest quite a bit as I had never heard of it but the paper does not lie. [hah!]
The newest trend is ... Twinkies! Some other trends that are popping up are s'mores and doughnuts. Isn't that fun?!
All this to say: anything goes now-a-days, ladies! My sister had pies at her wedding this summer and it was a fantastic twist to the norm.
I say embrace the trends and think outside the box!

It's way too much fun! :)


  1. What fun ideas! I just love it when people think out of the box. I personally know that if we saw these ideas 11 years ago, my hubby would have gone with the donut cake for sure! :)

  2. hah! i know right? my hubby desires doughnuts all the time too!