Monday, August 17, 2009

you are grand!

Let's face it: no wedding is complete without the grand exit! It makes you feel important and loved, a feeling we all soak in! And it's [one of] the parts that make the wedding day of our dreams so special!

I have seen some amazing grand exits! My dear friend Regina, had doves fly out of cages at her wedding while the guests blew bubbles. In my vast picture drawer I have a picture of her laughing with bubbles illuminating around her face as she holds her new husband close. My sister also chose the bubble route for her outdoor wedding and it honestly never gets old to me!

However, in case you are thinking of something different or your venue doesn't allow certain things, heres some ideas for you to chew on....
~Have your guests wave confetti sticks, spin colorful pinwheels or hold wands streamed with ribbons of your wedding colors as you pass by them.
~Hand out mini bells for your guests to ring
~Place battery operated tea lights to illuminate your path.
~Sparkler send off [especially cool in the evening hours]
~Why not try something very sweet and rent a bicycle built for two and ride away on it? Think of the classic fun shots your photographer can get!! [especially perfect for a sweet garden soiree]

Now it's your turn! Share with me your grand exit and how it worked for you--inquiring minds want to know! ;)


  1. While this may not be as unique as some of the ideas you mentioned above (many of which i love!), ours was nice and economical. i had always planned on having flower petals instead of birdseed or bubbles for our exit. i forget the site where i found them, but i got some silk rose petals online for really cheap, and had them on the reception tables as part of the centerpiece. then before we left, we had the dj announce for everyone to take the petals from their table to toss as we left... so we got two uses out of them!

  2. love that! two uses out of anything works marvelously! Good job Joanna! =-) and thanks for letting us know!