Tuesday, February 1, 2011

inspiration boards.

I have to say: I love inspiration boards. There's something about seeing what you want in your wedding, on paper, that makes it magically come together.
in one beautiful moment.
To me, inspiration boards are a key element when creating the theme and feel for your wedding. When you don't have that to turn to down the road of planning, it's easier to get 'lost'. Having the board keeps your inspiration in one place so you can stay on that road of design.
Inspiration boards are something I have recently added for clients that need help with a design concept. While we get to know one another, I am jotting down notes about what they are talking about, what they are drawn to, & what they love. From that meeting, I go home and put together a board unique to them and what they want for their wedding. Sometimes I add elements to the board that maybe they didn't mention, but I could see them loving. I tie in details that they have not thought of, and pull out details that they have that tie into many different elements for the day.
Since it's so fun for me I wanted to share with you a board that I recently put together for a client. Their theme is peacock which is hot and very fun right now. She is having a button bouquet {which I am SO excited about-I have a button fetish as of late!} so I thought it would be a fun element to bring those buttons into other details throughout the day such as the escort cards and the table numbers.
I continued with their peacock element by furthering adding more specific details in the day on elements such as plates, cake toppers and invitations.
I also played up the peacock color by adding fun throw pillows or even a shawl.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into my creative side. :)

Happy Tuesday!
xo, Elizabeth

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