Thursday, February 24, 2011

light + joy.

There is something about seeing a newly engaged bride-to-be that makes me silly-giddy. Her eyes are bright, and her smile wide. She carries herself with such joy, and excitement spills from her mouth as she talks.
I love meeting new brides. They are simply put:lovely.
Mai and I had the amazing privilege of being a part of the Independent Wedding Associations' Bridal Fair earlier this month at the gorgeous Campus Club. I love these fairs because not only am I surrounded by amazing and like-minded vendors, but I get to meet so many fabulous bride to be's!
Here's some pictures from the sweet Sarah Mcgee. It was so nice of her to take our photos. Thank you, Sarah!
Happily talking to couples. They are so joyful. :)
All the participants at the fair! Great group!

Much Love,

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