Monday, March 8, 2010

kiss away.

She's up there in my category as 'best photographers ever'. I've seen her pursue her passion with both arms outstretched and no inhibitions. She has inspired me to reach for the stars and not think I am less than I sometimes feel I am.
Suwanee and I have been friends since our sophomore year in high school. Our friendship continues to blossom and grow and it's not a coincidence to me that we ended up in the same field. She in wedding photography and myself in wedding planning. We just have always thought the same. Suwanee now lives in Spokane but we still manage to see one another at least once a year. This spring she is basking in my Wisconsin air and having some pretty tight photo opp sessions [info listed below]. I can promise you that you won't be disappointed with the images produced. I can also promise you that you will laugh the entire time your with her and you may find yourself kisses my cheeks after the session to thank me for referring her to you.
Kiss away my friends, kiss away.


  1. Big kisses to you my sweet friend! You are a true blessing in my life...xoxoxox....

  2. I heart your new blog design. Oh and I so agree I swoon at this save the date. Breath taking!