Thursday, March 4, 2010

a few of my MOST favorite things...

I first saw Heidi dance through the hallways with tall black boots and cute cardigans and I knew instantly we would be friends. Together, we wore pink boas and rebelled by walking on the grass. We spied on boys we liked and splashed in the pool.
Our first winter break at college, we decided to brave the roads home together-she was going to Michigan, I was going to Wisconsin. We sang through the night stopping at Denny's and skipping through snow. On the way home back to Dallas after Christmas is when we really bonded. Talks included 'sam the snake', new years eve fun, and even heart felt tragedies. We were inseparable after that. Many on campus thought we were twins and they would call me Heidi and her Liz. We loved that we looked the same and thoroughly enjoyed confusing people.
Our friendship continued to blossom even after we no longer lived 2 doors down. I moved to Spokane, WA and later back to WI. and she moved to MI. We married, had children and thrived on summer vaca's of bliss.
I believe that God brings you the right friend who just gets you. Someone who, when your with, just knows what your thinking. Someone who you can be who you are with and not pretend. You can share the depth of your heart and there is no judging or fear-because you know you are loved. Heidi is that to me. We have grown in our love for life, our relationship with our Lord, as mothers, wives and friends. We have had fights and cried with each other through hardships. She is my kindred spirit-she is my anne.
Today Heidi is 30. Anne, I want to thank you for always skipping through the fields with me & sipping coffees as we spill our hearts. Are you wearing red lipstick today? Go twirl in delight!

It just so happens that my most favorite person shares the same birthday as my Anne. My Robert Daniel is 32 today. He is a ray of delight for my eyes. Rob caught my eye around the same time that my friendship with Heidi started. He was older, and part of the elite cool guys on campus. His eyes twinkled when he smiled at me and I found myself smitten by his demeanor. We would lay in the fields studying as we talked about our future, he would pick me up from work with a dozen red roses or surprise me by leaving funny poems on my car windshield. He rented limos or town cars and would sweep me off to a romantic evening. Yes, he was that romantic! :) How could I not fall?! When he proposed to me we were staying at my parents home. He woke me up and brought me upstairs to the room he was sleeping in. It was about 6am and sometime in the night he had snuck out, found the nearest walmart, and bought flowers, a huge banner that read "I love you, Elizabeth. Will you marry me?" He had communion set up and as I walked in he grabbed his guitar and sang me a song. After that he got on his knee and asked me to become his wife. After I said yes we took communion. That was 11 years ago and yes, we have had unbelievable hardships as any couple, but I have never ever looked back. Rob is the love of my life. He completes me. God gave me such a gift when He gave me Robert.
I love you sweetie. Come dance with me.

These two people wrap up my favorite things week. And what a better way? The people that surround you are true treasures.


  1. Oh how i just love this and you!! Happy bday Rob and Heidi

  2. Perfect. Your two closest loves celebrate one magical day...loved reading this. You capture the memories so beautifully... :)