Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a few of my favorite things...

I told you there would be more to come! I just love spreading out my joy. :)

iPHONE... today I received my ever so long awaited iphone. I've desired one for over a year but had to wait out my Verizon contract. I've had an ipod touch for over 2 years and after having
that the desire for the iphone is just inevitable. :) Excuse the late at night picture. Don't judge- just bask. :)

SAVE THE DATES... this is one of my clients that I just love. I fell in love with their save the date-can they be any cuter? and it's a Polaroid which fits them & their wedding theme perfectly. I cannot wait for their Sept wedding!

There will be absolutely more favorite things to come later in the week so come back!