Monday, March 29, 2010

delicious invite.

Invites delight my soul. Don't you love it when you get the mail and you see a beautiful envelope made out in your name? By the look of it you just know it's a wedding invitation. I know not all is as wedding crazed as me but does it not delight your soul? c'mon now... today was such a day for me.
As I gathered the mail I caught my name on a delicious envelope and I knew just what it was. I had already caught a glimpse of the invites from one of beautiful June brides but just seeing it in the mail made my heart soar!
I want to make special note of the invite because I have many brides that struggle with the design concept due to the extra info you add for the out of town guests. While there are many fun ways, my favorite way is the "pocket."

This is the back of the invitation. She had several cards in this pocket that fit super cute and perfect. I love love what she did with this map-just copied straight from the phone book! Makes it look so vintage with a hint of border romance. LOVE.

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