Wednesday, February 22, 2012

be you: steps to becoming a wedding planner

One of my most favorite shows is "The Middle". It's beyond hilarious, and I choose to think the reason behind that is because it is so real. It's like the writers are looking into my own home at times.
I just so relate.
Last week, I was talking to a friend about the show and she said "they are setting me free!"
and that hit me.
I love it when friends say something that lingers in my head, and I take that home with me and let it marinate. I think that a lot of people put on pretenses. We want to be perceived as the very best...the best planner, the best photographer, the best mom--whatever it is. At our core, we know that we're not, but desire that illusion to be there.
One thing that lays on my heart, is to help girls who want to be in the wedding industry. I get so many emails from girls who want this career.
And I remember.
I know what its like to be there; waiting, longing, and wondering "what is the next step? how do I get into this career?" And I long to help them - all of them.
So, this is my way. My first step towards one of my 2012 goals. I am starting a video blog for girls starting their planning business. Its not the most professional video, or the most professional planner.
But, it's me-being me.
And it's my way of setting us free from anything that holds us back from truly using our greatest assets.



  1. Love it Liz! And as one of those girls, I can't thank you enough for all your help, support and determination to guide us to be the best us! :)

  2. Imma marry you... Scotty will have to share! I love that you are one of those girls with a pink unicorn soul with mad talent and genuine lifting upness! this is so rare, sadly. Way to go helping out those baby wedding planners!! However, you do know when I get really rich I'm buying eaweddings and claiming you as my own... So much for lifting upness, right!