Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real Wedding :: Kara & Steven, Menomonie, WI

When I first heard that Kara and Steven were dating, I remember clearly being in my basement cleaning out baskets. I immediately started dreaming about their wedding day...because I just knew. 
knew they were going to get married. 
knew the kind of wedding Kara would want. 
...and knew that I wanted desperately to be a huge part.

Kara is my pastors daughter, and she has a huge spot in my heart. I was her youth pastor so many years ago, and so the bond grew all the way back than. I have watched her grow in her love for the Lord, and who she is as a person. She is truly vibrant and someone you just want to be around. Someone you can't help but utterly adore, and insanely want to call for fashion advice. Her heart is genuine, and kind. Her smile pure and radiant.

Steven is our worship leader and has an amazing and hungry heart for the Lord. He has grown so much, and I am inspired by him continually. I love how open and real he is about his journey, and completely devoted to being a light, shining for the Lord, and growing. 
I could not have been more happy for Steven and Kara. They are complete in each other.

Kara wanted a bohemian wedding that was fun, whimsical, and outside. We decided to utilize our church land that is currently a huge open field, and bring the indoors out. With the help of dozens of people, we created a beautiful space with a ton of antique furniture. The work was extensive, but the effect so well worth it! 
Today I want to highlight the first portion of the day, with more fun details of the reception later in the week! 

First look between dad + daughter is so precious.
Dress from Joynelle.

Going up the land to the ceremony. The look on her face is completely priceless!
Something I do at every wedding is look at the groom as the bride is walking down the aisle. I am never disappointed.
Love the way she is leaning into him, last moments before he hands her away. No words to describe this moment between dad and his daughter.

Stay tuned for more beauty later this week. These two are contagious!
{photos by Collin Hughes}

Happy Wednesday!!!

With love,


  1. Wow, what a beautiful wedding!
    Those invitations are amazing, do you happen to know where she got them printed??

  2. I'm not going to be too much help on this, Amber! a friend of there's in school printed and designed them.
    Love, e.