Tuesday, September 6, 2011

friendship treasures.

Well, school started today for the kids. To me, this is always the realization that summer is officially over, and fall is upon us. I am in denial about the end of summer every year. I hate to see it end, even though I absolutely love fall and everything it brings...
This summer, many great memories are stored in my heart. One of which I want to touch on today.
Some of you know this about me, some of you may not...but I am very selective of the girlfriends I let into my heart & life. I am one of those girls that has a small selective amount of girls that really know me. Today, I want to talk about one of those girls...Suwanee.
Suwanee and I met our sophomore year in High School, and since than, we have always had this amazing friendship that never lessens over the years. There's something so hilarious when we are together... something that is completely ditsy, yet refined and to the max all out girly too. The laughter when we are together can be heard across the miles-are hearts are connected no matter the length of time apart.
Suwannee was the person to push me to take that first scared step into this career. She has her own very successful photography business {www.suwaneephotography.com}, and through her counsel, tips, encouragement and advice, I took the first step. Though timid and frightened, I did. She cheered me on and snapped new photos of me in the process. I can honestly never thank her enough.
This summer I got to see her. It is one of my favorite memories of the summer. Suwanee currently lives in Spokane, WA but is moving to St Louis next month, so the timing was just perfect. One last hurrah for us in Spokalicious {my home, than her home}, and laughter to carry me through till the next time we embrace.
I'm forever thankful for the girlfriends I have, though small and tight, they are such a rock of support and love to me. Suwanee, you are a treasure...and I simply love you, your heart, and your laughter.

xo Lizie

Yep, she really is this beautiful.

A lot of this happens when we are together! :)

Happy Tuesday! <3

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