Thursday, September 15, 2011

lump of learning.

I told that to my beautiful assistant last week.
"This summer has been a lump of learning." She laughed at me {pretty typical, I love that she thinks I'm funny!}, but in all sincerity, it has been.
I have been reminded often this year, that without falling you can never learn from your mistakes. My pastors taught me that, and it has been embedded in my brain.
So, I continue to grow. and learn. and sometimes fall...But always lean on the Lord for strength and wisdom.

Want a little sneak peek that is making my heart happy today?! :)
My Pastor Dana. Soaking in her daughter's wedding. I truly can't wait to blog this wedding, not only because the pictures are amazing from Collin Hughes, but mostly because of the beauty that lies in the moments, and how special these people are to my heart.
Soak in the expression on her face-true joy. True peace. Embracing all that is this day.
Happy Thursday, friends!

So much love, Liz

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