Tuesday, July 6, 2010

insiders scoop.

confessions of a wedding coordinator....

* I get bored by photos of weddings that have zero personality. Dear friends, personalize your wedding...and if you need inspiration go to this site. Inspiration will be oozing from your pores. Promise.
* I miss my clients post-wedding. They become friends to me through the planning process.
* I'm sad when I don't get an invite to weddings that are far away. I know I can't come. You know I can't come. Still-can't I gaze at your lovely invite all the same? Today, though, I happily got the mail and received this lovely....

Can't read it? That's because it's in Hebrew. Yes, Internet friends, my friend in Israel remembered me. Sweetness.
* If I wasn't a wedding coordinator, I would be a wedding photographer.

Tell me what are your confessions?!
I promise, next post will be filled with less about me and more delicious-ness to vibe your senses!

1 comment:

  1. I don't really have a confession at this time, just a comment.
    well, a question....
    Do we really understand the importance of being invited to a wedding celebration.
    Sometimes i wish that a couple would include vows from the friends and family in the ceremony, to establish the relationships for the future.
    If we do attend the celebration, are we willing to support them(the couple) through and through? No matter what?
    Just a thought...I am just saying.