Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tom&Jessy's Wedding, Wedding Coordinator + Menomonie WI

Meet Tom&Jessy...
they are one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet.

I first met Tom about 7 years ago at church. When I saw a picture of he and Jessy dating, I instantly knew I would be friends with her. The first time we sat down and chatted, I was proven right. She sparkled. A few weeks later, Tom proposed and that week in my inbox was an email from Jessy asking me to be their wedding coordinator. I squealed with delight. Internet friends, it was not an inside squeal! It went something like this: "EEEEE!!! TOM PROPOSED AND THEY WANT ME TO BE THIER COORDINATOR" to Robby, to which he smiled at me while I danced [yes, I danced].
Helping them plan their wedding was a joy for me. I had never seen Tom like this:he was completely head over heels smitten by this amazing girl with blond hair and sparkling blues. Sometimes in the midst of our planning I would look up and they would just be gazing into each others eyes [yes, my job is pure joy].

Their wedding day shone on Sunday, June 20th and I worked alongside these amazing vendors:
Mai, Jake & myself! [not as sweaty as was to come!]

Photography - Jacob Preedin

Jessy is suave & such a beauty!
These pictures are amazing! Jake did such an amazing job and I can't wait to work with him again. :)
The flowers made me swoon. And I don't usually swoon over flowers. Lacy is the most amazing florist and to top it off, she is super sweet!
oh, peony, you are my favorite flower...
Holy cool boutonniere!
Jessy did an amazing job tying in the peonies to other elements like her programs.
The Raw Deal is an amazing venue.
I want to make a special point to show how killer these tin ceilings are! LOVE.
The food was amazing made from The Raw Deal, Jessy & Tom's friend Mary,
and Legacy Chocolates.
Jessy made 'flair' for all the guests. She spent hours making these buttons
and I would say they were worth the time! Huge hit & so much fun!
Best cupcakes ever.
Tom&Jessy, I love you guys! Thank you for allowing me into this most important day of your lives. May the Lord continue to bless your steps as you walk closely with one another and Him.
Much love,


  1. a fab couple in love, cupcakes + peonies?! all in one day? wow. just wow! ♥

  2. I'm truly the blessed one here.... You made my job so easy! It will be my honor to work with you again (as often as possible :)

  3. Yes, Kate! and they had some birdcages-double swoon. :)
    Jake-Thank you! You have some amazing skillz and it's a pleasure knowing you!! :)

  4. Thanks to Elizabeth, Mai and Jake - it's an honor to have such talented friends who love the Lord as much as we do! Our wedding day really was perfection . . . and we're grateful for your help and heart in that!

    Hmmmmmm - the cupcakes were so good! Who would ever know that they were gluten-free!

    PS. Lacy O'Connell really is a genius.

  5. beautiful! love all the details of it all :)

  6. WOW that wedding looked beautful!!! What an amazing job corrdinating you did.