Tuesday, June 8, 2010

mind your manners.

Internet peeps, I got nothing but mad love for you, but I just have to tell it to you straight.
This blog is allll about RSVP-ing to do's.
1.::RSVP fake out::
Something that always makes me sad is when people RSVP and don't end up coming. Now, I understand if your child is sick or your car broke down. Who I'm talking to here is the people that don't go because they don't feel like it, or [fill in the blank]. Please decide if you want to come, before you RSVP, because when you RSVP, the bride & groom pay for your food, your favor & deal with seat charting with you in mind---just to name a few.
This past weekend, I had a wedding where 1/3 of the people who said they were going to come, did not. I was overwhelmed by the amount of food that had to be thrown away! The plates were about $14 each [which is relatively cheap for a sit down meal]. That's a lot of green wasted, but also, it's just so sad considering how many people in our world are starving.
2. ::RSVP blow off::
RSVP. period. On average, the bride&groom do not get 1/2 of their replies back from their guests. Do you know what that means? To add to their already hugely busy schedules they have to call each and every one of you to ask "are you coming to my wedding?" not.fun. Take time to let them know by the date listed on your invite.

Don't hate. I just had to say my two cents or else it will eat away at me.
...Now come here & give me a hug for showing you the light. I know you love me.....


  1. I could not agree more!!! We wasted over $500 on no shows who had RSVP's at our reception. It was a huge bummer on a happy day and made us resent our own friends and family. Liz and Emily Post agree on this one!

  2. Agreed!!! Ugh, that makes me so sad for the couple who had 1/3 of their "yes" guests no-show. How terribly rude!