Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mom.

Gear up for some ah-mazing photos from the wedding photo shoot I coordinated last month set to come this week! If you have not seen my inspiration board you can find it here. It will wet your appetite and have you coming back for more. . . :)
Today, though, I want to talk about my mom.
It's funny as a child you just don't seem to understand exactly how much your mom does for you. I didn't. It wasn't until I had my own that my eyes were opened and than I was truly thankful. I grew up in a great home. I don't take my childhood for granted at all. I was very blessed with loving, Godly parents.
One of my favorite memories of my mom was after I had my first, Gretchen. I lived in Spokane and was really not prepared for what was in store for me and how my life would completely change. She came from Wisconsin to visit the day after I came home from the hospital. I was beyond exhausted, extremely emotional [most likely post-pardom depression] and all I could do was either cry or sleep. She took Gretchen and watched her the entire time she was visiting.
She stayed up all night with her [Gretchen's days and nights were switched] and would only come and wake me when I needed to feed her. She let me just cry and didn't look at me like I had lost my mind. She understood. I found so much comfort in that.
Through the years, I have continued to feel comfort from her understanding ways. I cannot describe how completely grateful I am to have her as my mom. She shines.
Thank you mom, always believing in me and loving me! Happy Mother's Day.

First off, can I just say how much I love this picture of my mom and dad?! I love how I am such a resemblance of her today!

I love how I am looking up my her with such adoration. I was about six here and this is one of my favorite day memories as a child-my uncle's wedding. Maybe that's when my love for weddings truly blossomed in my young girl heart?

and today! :)

How has your mom inspired you? What stories can you share that are special to your heart?


  1. oh how lovely! I hope that your mama sees this... that you let her know what a BEAUTIFUL tribute you've written... The resemblance in her wedding photo is striking... wow! Such special memories to have shared.

  2. Thanks ang. I put the link to the site in her card! :)

  3. Oh my gosh Liz! That picture of your mom on your wedding day looks just like you! Her face then and yours now are identicle.