Wednesday, April 28, 2010

let's hear it for the boys.

Oh, the boys. They simply do anything for the girl they love. They listen to the cares that are attached to every detail of the wedding day, they hand out tissues when the wedding day becomes stressful, they pick out cakes, sit through meetings with the coordinator, listen to DJ's, look at swatches and... yes, they even wear a flower.
{let's hear it for the boys}
Most of my posts are geared for the gals because let's face it-they are the ones way into the details of the day and their guy really just wants to make them happy. Yesterday, I met with one of my June couples and the groom announced to me he reads my blogs! I was pleasantly happy to hear this news and in his honor and any other readers of the male gene-this ones for you. :)
So, the new boutonniere trends are taking a twist. Gone are the days of tradition. Anything goes today and that includes anything. Oh yeah, take a look at these hot trends!

A tuff of berries are simple and beautiful without being a flower.

Take the theme of your wedding and turn that into a bout. Be creative and make it a DIY project.

Fabric bouts! How completely great are these? I LOVE!

Peacock feathers are smokin' hot right now. They pretty much sizzle with greatness.

A birds nest-sure and why not? If the theme is garden this will fit into perfection!

It's all about making it your own. Don't conform to what everyone else is doing. Who you are as a couple is an amazing thing-transform that into your day in every detail.


  1. Such neat ideas Liz, I just love the golf tees! :)

  2. What a great idea to incorporate a personal touch! I love the the golf tee one so very unique!

  3. that's a great idea! How cute!