Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the models::scene two

One of my visions for the photo shoot was to capture love in it's purest form. I wanted models who had such love for each other. I have been the model in front of the lens in the past with my hubby, and it was such an unforgettable experience. It was such a joy to see some of my friends discover this as well.

Josh & Angela have been married two years and have become sweet friends to us. Angela is also a photographer [visit her site at here] so I know this was a treat for her to be in front of the lens instead of behind.
This is one of my favorite photos of Josh & Angela.

Brian & Angie have been our friends for over 10 years and with #4 on the way, nothing can be sweeter than getting away and focusing on each other for a few hours. This first picture I'm in love with and if they don't blow it up and frame it on their wall, I will. ;)

This next couple isn't a couple but wonderful models. Sean is a fun friend & Britney, a new friend that has formed from this shoot. I loved them together and they flowed so well with each other.

A little fun vintage bike to end the day was perfection.

Thank you to all the beautiful models. You guys rocked it out and it was so hard picking just a few to post. Your the best!

Much love&appreciation,


  1. What beautiful Pictures Liz. I LOVE the vintage bike picture I think it is my favorite! But I really enjoyed the, all so much. You are so talented girly!