Monday, April 12, 2010

my big girl.

"There are times when I look at you and I am so filled with loving goosebumps. I think 'that little girl is my daughter' ... and I'm so grateful for you." November 28, 2000

In exactly 24 hours, my Gretchen will turn 10. Ten is a big year. I still recall the year I turned 10. You feel so old, no longer in single digits and entering into 5th grade-it's huge! Birthdays are a big deal in our house. I suppose you can thank my dad for that. Growing up, he basked in his birthdays and it's carried into our lives today. Gretchen has absolutely gotten the same birthday lovin' trait. She has literally been talking about her big 10 for weeks non-stop... yes, I feel the pressure. :)
Today, I got out the journal I've been keeping for her since she was born. I like to write down cute things she did or said, milestones accomplished and joys shared. It always pulls me back & keeps me grounded in what matters most in this life. She has been a joy to us since she was born ten years ago-a day I will always treasure in my life. There is nothing like having your firstborn child wrapped in your arms that first time.
"When I saw your face, fingers, toes and your little body, everything faded and there was only you and I in the room. Dad was running around with the camera and holding you. I started crying because I wanted to hold you so bad-the nurse called him over and placed you next to me. It was an indescribable moment. You were beautiful and mine. After nine months of carrying you, I could finally meet you." April 13, 2000

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, now 10-still blossoming. I love you.

2 months old

2 years

3 years

5 years

9 years

"life is not measured by the breath we take but by the moments that take our breath away"


  1. Sobbing, literally...this Momma heart resonates with yours. My oldest will be nine on Thursday...and all I can think is "next year, he'll be TEN"!! You are so very blessed with such a sweet daughter, she will one day treasure the journal you have kept for her all these years. Love you, dear one.


  2. sweet brit-i love that you have children around the same ages-such a bond that produces. in a blink they are grown. each day is a treasure. love you!

  3. I love you. You are such a great momma. I need help on the birthday end - lol. I grew up the total opposite. You have a flair for celebrating that rubs off on me. I love it!! Gretchen IS wonderful and it's much because of you and Rob... of course the grace of God comes into play quite a bit too!! :)

  4. Thank you ang. :) someday when you have a girl I will help u plan her birthday because birthdays are a bigger deal to girls vs boys I think? :) love you!

  5. happy belated beautiful gretchen! you are so beautiful, just like your mom and you are a blessed little girl to have amazing parents loving you like crazy!

  6. It is so amazing to be a mother and to feel the love for the very first time. I hope you and Grretchen are having a wonderful bonding time today at the MOA. Happy sweet Birthday Gretchen, I still remember the first day we met in the foyor of that church both with our presious children. hugs

  7. Cristi I so remember that day! I was so giddy to have met a friend that I knew would be a forever friend. I loved that u had a daughter the same age, were a youth leader and the same age! It was a God ordained friendship that still lives strong today. Hugs!