Saturday, January 2, 2010

ahh-sweet engagements.

It's engagement season!!!

Gosh, I just love live proposals! I know they aren't for everyone but they always--ALWAYS--fill my eyes will tears! :) When I was in college I worked at a fine dining restaurant. Oftentimes, there would be marriage proposals right there in the restaurant and it would thrill me. Hmm...I wonder if that was one of the things that sparked my love affair with the wedding industry?!
I am so excited for all my 2010 brides that I will have the honor to work with! In order to start out this fabulous engagement season have your eyes sparkled into the most tempting new movie set to hit theaters January 8th?

Friends, I am definitely jiving this flick-not only is it a love story set with a proposal but it's in Ireland and my Irish love cannot be tamed {I am 50% and very proud}.
If you need me on January 8th I will be lost in a sea of Irish love until than...happy engagements to all !:)

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