Thursday, January 7, 2010

band.o = love.

please.. oh please - band.o me!
I have discovered; possibly, my greatest new love--and if you love the vintage inspired look you must flee to this site and get lost immediately.
Their bride line is fantastically gorgeous.

Go ahead and get in touch with the vintage inside of you. it's delicious.


  1. OH, I love vintage not that I am getting married, lol!! But that site has alot of beautiful stuff and the models are so beautiful!!

  2. I thought it was only for the bride but I could see wearing some of the pieces. I love them but they would be a tad pricey for everyday! But super pretty and so fun. Not much on the colars, lol

  3. i heart them too. i was born to be a rich girl. my taste is too fine. :)