Monday, October 17, 2011

weddings, goodbyes & an anniversary.

This past weekend was a mixture of emotions for last wedding of the season, my last wedding with my amazing assistant, and my 12 year wedding anniversary.
My last wedding to wrap up 2012 was...beyond incredible. The couple, the family, the wedding party...they are why I am in this business. They bring tears of joy to my eyes. If you haven't gotten this from me already here it is: my goal and drive to having a successful business is to see the couple, their family, & their friends literally soaking in the essence that is the wedding day. Laughing, crying tears of joy, dancing, singing - whatever it may be - when they are soaking, and not worrying about the day, I have done my job successfully. When the bride feels like a princess, and is looking at her new husband with such adoration and love, nothing fills me like that. I have managed to alleviate her stress, making my heart swell.
I also had to say goodbye to my assistant, who has become a dear friend. She gets me. Working closely with someone, you can't help but get to know them at their worst and best- she has loved me through it all, and has been always so respectful and loving. MJ, I will deeply miss you. Your heart, your hard work ethics, your laughter, how you think I'm funny :), and your deep love for the Lord. You inspire me.
Because of weddings, Rob and I are going away for our anniversary this weekend. Last night we were talking about our day 12 years ago. I remember snippets of it only. One of my little snippets is going into the bathroom alone during the reception, and feeling like a mess. My hair was a mess, my makeup was smudged, and I did not feel pretty. I don't say that for pity, because really, that is when my interest peeked in this desire to give brides the day they deserve. And now, I love that I am doing just that.
... and my heart soars.
I miss you already, MJ.
Happy Anniversary, sweetie.

xo and Happy Monday!

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  1. Liz, you always find a way to still make me laugh and teary all at the same time! Love you!!!!