Monday, October 24, 2011

the island of happy days.

Heavens to betsy.... what a fabulous weekend!
Robby and I knew we needed to get away to celebrate our anniversary, and the end of the 2011 wedding season. We found ourselves at Stouts Island Lodge thanks to one of my amazing wedding planner perks.
I can't shout the praises of this place enough. Where we are in our lives, and for what we needed- it was beyond perfection. There are no disturbances with TV, phones, Internet-nothing but water surrounding you with tons of water activities, wilderness to explore, and fires to make.
It's a place to un-plug and focus on one another with no interruptions!
It was beyond perfection.
I also went to scout out this venue, and am very much anticipating going back for a wedding. It truly is a beautiful place to get married in.

Surrounded by nothing but water, the only way to get to the island is by boat. LOVE THIS.
this says it best.
fire making in our lodge room. we did this nightly and loved it!
amazing place to pray, journal, and reflect.
after a hike we sat in these chairs for a long time breathing in the beauty!
we fished, canoed, and went hydro-biking. i beyond LOVE those hydro-bikes!
okaaayyyy. i did whip out my phone once or twice! hehehe. :)

brides! check out this resort, than hire me. :) we will have a blast on this little island in Wisconsin! :D

xo and many October hugs,

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