Friday, June 3, 2011

A star.

As a wedding coordinator, it's very easy to get trapped into the details of the wedding day and, for me, forget why I love this. Don't get me wrong, details-gosh, I love them. a lot.
But details on a wedding day is not the reason I started this business.
I started this business so that every bride would feel like a princess. Because every couple deserves the opportunity to have a day that is completely stress free and beautiful.
This desire has evolved over the years into a deep love for what a wedding holds in its form. The essence, if you will.
The wedding day is the beginning to a new start; a new chapter for couples. This is the day they become one unit. And that? That is so powerful and amazing.
...and to me, beyond beautiful.
I challenge myself when I get caught into the overwhelming-ness of owning and operating a business to stop. breathe. and completely re-focus. Why do I do what I do? Am I getting lost in it? Or am I growing and being the person that God has made me to be? Am I shining? Or am I flickering away?
I believe in my heart that even though some days are hard, & some days I may be flickering, I always come out shining.
Like a star.

A couple in the moment. These looks make my heart melt every time.

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