Friday, June 10, 2011

fav moments.

I've been asked before what my fav moments are of a wedding day. I have several, there is not just one. It's the parts of the day that I get seriously giddy about, and wait for. It makes my cup run over, and the smile on my face can light up a stage. {yes, I just said that!}
Here are a list-in no particular order-that you will see me ready to do somersaults over on a wedding day.
1. The moments before the bride walks down the aisle.
This moment, not many are privy too. It's very private and sacred. I fluff thEE dress, straighten the veil, look the bride in the eyes and whisper words to only her. I look over at the father, and his eyes glisten with tears. He reaches over and grabs her hand and squeezes it. She tells him she loves him....oh gosh. I cherish that moment and am so honored to be a part of it.
2. Father-Daughter dance.
Something about this is so special. This is their time to bask in each others embrace. A time set aside for JUST them. It always causes my eyes to tear.
3. Grandparents.
I love grandparents. {enough said}
4. The first look.
I have a preference towards first looks. They are so special, and so intimate.
5. Family prayers.
These don't happen at every wedding, so I really cherish them at the weddings I do see them at. Before the ceremony, the family comes around the bride, or the groom {or both} and prays over the day. You will see me in the background wiping away tears and agreeing. It is so powerful.

What are your favorite moments of a wedding day?

I'm off to another beautiful wedding weekend, full of memories and JOY! Have a delightful weekend, friends!
xo, Liz


  1. oh I love that. I'm getting married in October and I want all of these special moments and more! xo Kirby