Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ramblings and charlie

Random thoughts for this Wednesday:

~It's snowing. I choose to ignore and turn on the fire place because it's beautiful to look at, but I swear--this better be the last time until November I turn it on!
~I've been dreaming in time lines. Um, it's wedding season when my dreams revolve around my clients. :)
~We are looking for a new car. Preferably a Hyundai. With low miles. At an amazing price. And black..because every one knows black cars are way cooler.
~I went to Nisswa with a client friend on Saturday and we found Charlie the unicorn! He is splendid.
In honor of Charlie, and just for giggles, I leave you with the stupidest yet most hilarious video--possibly ever.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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