Friday, April 29, 2011

elegance & beauty.

ah, THEE wedding. I sat fixated by the TV as I smiled at all the lovely hats and thought heavily about the coordinator behind such a huge event. They did not highlight her but in my head, she is a miracle woman.

My highlights:
~ the young boy singers. I was wow-ed by their sweet voices.
~ prince harry. I officially have a crush on this boy but am already setting up him and pippa in my mind. {of course!}
~ obviously the dress! how much do you want to bet sleeves are going to make their appearance again?! :) {side note: was Kate's bouquet on the small side? to me it got lost in the beauty of her dress}
~ her dad. he just looks so so sweet {and I have a special weakness towards daughters and dad's pre-ceremony}

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Liz


  1. I have to agree with you. Very simple dress she wore and everything of the wedding was perfect. Wedding of the century!

  2. Lovely post... I'm not a fan of royalty, but I've no doubt emerging wedding and romance trends will burst forth from this day of grandeur! I think her bouquet was perfect.. as it didn't take away from her dress or her pure radiance? Who knows.. I'm certainly far from an expert. You could've pulled this off, Elizabeth Anne..:) And she would've made the loveliest of new friends, too.