Wednesday, March 30, 2011

taking time.

Today I took the time...

to read. Reading is so good for your soul, your mind, and developing time for you. I'm trying to do that more.

to take a walk. It's beautiful out today. These days I have been working really hard. I forced myself away from the computer to soak in the sun and warmer rays... and gosh, it felt great!

to have popcorn with my kids. I randomly found this blog post where the mom makes popcorn after school every day, and has that time to connect with her kids. This drew me in and I tried it today... and I loved.

to schedule a massage for myself. I haven't had a massage-in gosh..YEARS! It's time. I deserve it, right? Right!

To gear up for the upcoming season, I looked through some pictures of Mai and I at some weddings. I'm so ready & excited for this season to begin:

Photo Booth FUN!
What did you take time out to do today?
xo, Elizabeth

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  1. Liz, these pictures brings back so much memories! Oh how I miss them! Btw, you look super cute! Hugs!