Thursday, January 6, 2011

real wedding::Kate + Dave

Kate has a natural presence of fun and energy. She is the kind of girl that after having met her for the first time, I went home and told Rob about my deep desire to plan her wedding. When she hired me, I leapt around the house and did a typical Liz shout/dance. It's pretty much a combination of leaping and yelling in one splendid un-graceful style {I am not ashamed}.
Than, I met Dave and my joy was doubling in form. He is so attentive to her and they are un-ashamedly smitten with one another. After being around them only for a few hours that first day, my heart was full.
Kate and Dave's wedding had a classic movie theme/vibe to it.
I have said it once and I will say it again, having a theme pulls everything together. It brings unison and sets the wedding apart.
Every detail was thought through as Kate is the kind of girl who has been planning her wedding from childhood.
and it was nothing less than perfection.

I have never felt like this before, but seriously? it was super difficult to pick my fav's from this wedding. But can you really have too many pictures? Um, I think not.
Kate's sister, Beth, was a delight. They made me want to sing the "Sister-Sister" song from White Christmas when I saw them together. So much love.
Kate's mom. Seriously, amazing. This is something I don't usually talk about, but the parents behind the couples always become my friends as well. I fall in love with them each time.
Kate was a vision the entire day. Mai and I continually remarked to each other how beautiful she is. Truly a vision.
The beautiful floral was done by Luna Vinca.
Moments before the First Look...
Dave's face is priceless. Love it!
These two are my fav images from the day. They exhibit so much emotion.
The ceremony was held at Central. I have never seen such a beautiful church. Everywhere I looked, was simply stunning.
Exiting with beautiful bells overhead.
The reception was held at The Varsity. I've raved on this venue before and I will again. Full of character, and amazing service.
The cake was done by Icing Dreams and it was not only beautiful but delicious!
The Rude Band
Emotional toasts.
I cannot say enough about Biff from VADA Photography. He is simply amazing, professional, artistic and one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He has a heart of gold and it's no surprise he is so accomplished in his field. Thank you, Biff, for being so amazing. I cannot wait for us to work together again!

To Kate+Dave, let's be friends always.
Your wedding will always stay close to my heart.
We are after all, anniversary twins.

All my love, Elizabeth

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