Thursday, December 16, 2010

linen fabulous.

When planning your wedding reception, think seriously about providing your own tablecloths. It adds such an element of personality to your wedding and does not have to to break the bank either.
Going with a pattern adds drama and more personality--which is perfect! You can do every other table to take away some of the cost but still have that punch of color.

This small wedding “sweet heart” table was put together with mismatching china patterns, glass vases, old books, lace and blue tablecloth. Look for things around your home, or even your grandmother’s home for ways to create a similar shabby chic feel.

You can find old lace tablecloths at thrift sales and dye them to your choice color.

The sky's the limit! Don't get tied down to white linens. Continue to think outside the box to make the weddings yours.


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